The Road Trip Continues

A good friend at traveling sardine class gave me some good advice on how to choose which way to go on this unplanned road trip. She said to check the weather forecasts for both regions and head toward the best climate. This proved valuable as storms threaten the east coast for the next ten days and our president is vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard – I assume with full entourage thus ruining it for the rest of us.

But the forecast for the midwest is sun, sunny, and sunnier as the days progress – not a cloud in sight. This means it will most likely rain every day, but we are willing to play the odds with doppler radar.

So, we are going west.

We took the advice also, of a retired teamster who happens to be the closest neighbor we have in Bland, Virginia. He recommended taking scenic drives through Saltville, Virginia – salt capital of the Confederacy – then following 11W through northeastern Tennessee, across the Cherokee Lake, picking up 25E to Kentucky where we join 64W.

The major interstates have siphoned traffic from these highways, leaving virtually clear lanes through beautiful country. Although we can’t travel as fast, we actually have surpassed the time frames allotted by the GPS for taking the interstates. I suppose it’s a little shorter distance and much less congested. And the bonus is less stressful driving and gorgeous scenery.

Going from Lexington, Kentucky to Louisville is exceptional. Well manicured lawns, fields, horse barns, fences, paddocks, horses, and large houses line both sides of the road for miles and miles. Of course this is horse country, home of the beloved Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby!

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