A Hair-y Dilemma

I am faithful to my hairdresser as many of you know. She will not double process hair, and knows how to work with curls. She will also be brutally honest – which I believe is her greatest asset.

So many times I’ve heard her tell people that the picture they have brought in will not work with their thin-thick-too straight-too curly-face frame-etc. Sometimes she has ideas for my hair and I have enough trust to try it. So when she suggested that I grow out my bangs, I went along with the painful, disastrous, growing-out phase. Many days have been complete hair disasters – well – more days than not. When it got long enough to put behind my ear, I was actually excited. So when I walked into her shop yesterday, I wasn’t really ready for her complete dislike of the way it looked.

But deep down, I knew she was right. I have a square face, square jaw. One length hair has never been flattering, especially since it is curly and prone to fullness at the bottom. This only accentuates my jaw line, giving me a sort of triangle head shape. After flipping through every style magazine in the shop, we settled on layers and yes – bangs! It feels good, looks much better, and is more flattering.

Did you ever have to give up a style you thought was working for you?

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  1. I have not been able to do anything but layers b/c my naturally curly hair is also fine. If it’s long it just gets … wide. If it’s short it’s a curly poof of ridiculousness. I have to keep it in between and the only way I get to mix it up is with color. Going for some burgundy highlights next week :). Please post pictures of your new “do.” Cheers! MJ

  2. I know it is a pain to grow out your bangs but I’m sure it looks great. I’ve had my hair a little below shoulder length for a long stretch, but one day I got completely sick of it and told a hairdresser to give me a style that I could just sort of “wash and wear.” OMG, I walked out of there with a crewcut…no lie it was so short that when I got home and my young daughter looked at me she cried uncontrollably. Really ugly hairdo and it took forever to grow back. Sounds like the person who does your hair has a knack for finding the right look.

  3. Hey Renee, I hope you and your family are well..I was ready A Hair-y Dilemma
    and couldn’t help but laugh because I just went yesterday to get a trim and Angie everytime I go in says that I need to let my bangs grow out. Hey, I still have my 80’s hair style, I am just waiting, because one day…..it will be back in style.:-)

    1. Hi Angela,
      It sometimes asks me to approve the first comment someone makes – I guess to make sure it isn’t spam. After the first time, your comments go right through. The Elmo thing is too funny! I’m glad you sent the follow-up to say it was you. Some people look good without bangs and others – like me – just need them. Besides there are those things called wrinkles across my forehead – not attractive! How is Izzy-B?

  4. PS…I dont know why Elmo119 popped up on earlier post, but this is Angela Mayberry.

  5. Ok …I just wrote all about my bangs and the 80’s and it is not showing now, and then it said my name was Elmo, that is why the previous message is there. I hope you and your family are well.

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