I am faithful to my hairdresser as many of you know. She will not double process hair, and knows how to work with curls. She will also be brutally honest – which I believe is her greatest asset.

So many times I’ve heard her tell people that the picture they have brought in will not work with their thin-thick-too straight-too curly-face frame-etc. Sometimes she has ideas for my hair and I have enough trust to try it. So when she suggested that I grow out my bangs, I went along with the painful, disastrous, growing-out phase. Many days have been complete hair disasters – well – more days than not. When it got long enough to put behind my ear, I was actually excited. So when I walked into her shop yesterday, I wasn’t really ready for her complete dislike of the way it looked.

But deep down, I knew she was right. I have a square face, square jaw. One length hair has never been flattering, especially since it is curly and prone to fullness at the bottom. This only accentuates my jaw line, giving me a sort of triangle head shape. After flipping through every style magazine in the shop, we settled on layers and yes – bangs! It feels good, looks much better, and is more flattering.

Did you ever have to give up a style you thought was working for you?

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