Morning Has Broken – But Not The Fog

Yesterday evening, as we grew closer to the cabin and higher in elevation, the colors of autumn began to appear. First it was tinges on a few trees and then whole trees here and there stood out as if ablaze. Reds and golds – especially maples – stole the stage from the evergreens and blue mountain ridges.

Occasionally a sudden downpour of rain would hamper our progress, and then it would pass and we’d be back up to speed. Of course, the minute we reached the first gate to our property, it started raining again. But even through the wall of water, one of our maples greeted us in golden glory. I could hardly wait to arise this morning and see the sun peeling back the dark sky and illuminating our painted hills.

This would not be the case.

I awake to zero visibility due to heavy fog. An hour later, it still hung deep across the sky. But shapes of trees were becoming outlined in the milky landscape and I could appreciate the beauty of the colorless surrounding almost as much as I had anticipated the display of colored leaves.

But I’ve always liked fog, as long as I don’t have to drive in it. It has a romantic, gothic, contemplative aura about it that fuels my creativity.

Sometimes we miss the simple beauty of a single tree when there are so many more just beyond it. But when the others aren’t visible, the one overlooked becomes a magnificent sculpture.

I’m going to sit outside on the deck with my cup of coffee and just enjoy the fog! After all, there is beauty in everything if you are open to seeing it.

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  1. Quite (and quiet) lovely (loveliness), the fog. It’s the brilliant fall colors that we don’t have much of in California, except for bits and pieces. I’ll never forget one day in Michigan when vivid color, and crisp, exhilarating air with a touch of smoke, imprinted the quintessential autumn day with all its glory on me forever. My first husband was a Vermonter, and we never managed to time our trips back there just right for the full color display.

    1. How easily we forget that everyone doesn’t have the fall leaf color! When Caleb was in kindergarten, we met a teacher from Oregon and exchanged information. When she mentioned that her students didn’t get to see colored leaves, we made a little mental note and then at their height of color, we collected a large box full of all kinds and shipped them overnight to her to share with the kids. They loved it! Of course, you guys get all of the lovely evergreens and birch trees with the gorgeous bark!

    1. I can’t think why you would need to resubmit. Maybe it’s just a general invitation. Facebook has changed, maybe wordpress is following suit. I’ve just learned how to use the old systems. Yikes!

  2. Your fog photos are beautiful. Yes, we DO need to find the beauty in everything, as difficult as it is to do sometimes.
    Our weather this weekend has been rainy and muggy. Hope yours has been more pleasant!

    1. I actually like the way fog changes the landscape. And sometimes, you just have to find the beauty in the bad weather. Your pictures are so beautiful, I bet you have some great photos of the storms over the water!

  3. Mmmm, looks like a good morning to snuggle under a quilt and enjoy hot coffee and a decadent breakfast! Looks cozy, inviting, and beautiful. Who cares if the sun isn’t out? Sheila

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