We often forget that everyone doesn’t get the same autumn display of colored leaves that we get in the eastern United States. Many of our own western states are blessed with beautiful evergreens but not too many deciduous trees.

When my son was in kindergarten, we met a teacher from Oregon. She was looking at colleges with her daughter. After sharing information – she taught kindergarten and thought her class and my son’s could communicate – we talked about her students and the comment she had made about them never having seen colored leaves.

So as soon as our leaves reached their peak, we gathered a box full of the brightest, most beautiful leaves and shipped them overnight to her so she could share them with her students. It began a year long relationship between the two classes on opposite ends of our beautiful country.

They sent our kids pancake mix from a local mill. And on it went. Such a good opportunity to learn hands-on about another state.

Share some of your colors today – even by photo – knowing how lucky you are to see the rainbow in the trees.

Colored Leaves

Colored Leaves

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