This has been a great weekend for catching up with not only my blog, but those of others whose writing style and/or photography I admire.  If you have been following then you know that I participated in the novel writing challenge during the month of November and am just surfacing for air. 

But also during that time, I received a few awards and have been busily passing them along.  This is the last one that I am in arears on.  And it is the Versatile Blogger.    Bliss Travel News – specializing in holidays in France – nominated me and I am so flattered and honored.   They do a great job in taking readers along with them, whether they are tasting wine, eating at a Bistro, or looking for bargains.  You’ll get great ideas from them about places you may want to visit if you have the wonderlust – as I do.

The participating rules for the Versatile Blogger are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. 

     Many thanks to Wendy and staff at Bliss Travel News!  I am honored.

2.  Reveal 7 things about yourself.

     1.  I am an adventurous eater, having once had turkey nuts – yes I mean those things only male turkeys possess.  I have also eaten Morton Bay Bugs in Australia and possum many, many years ago at the funeral food table of an older relative. 

     2.  I have a pierced navel.  Most of you would never know this as I do not wear revealing clothing. 

     3.  The only thing I collect is memories.

     4. I am a sucker for Christmas tree ornaments and often bring them back from trips with me.  But I don’t think of it as collecting as sometimes I don’t even think of it.  It all depends on the type of adventure and the time allotted to shopping.

     5.  I am not a great shopper – must be in the right mood and it must be a time that isn’t busy.  I cringe at the thought of having to go Christmas shopping.  Generally, I know what I want or need and where to purchase it.  In and out – no browsing about.  I am told this is very unwomanly.  Sorry sisters.

     6.  This may have been revealed somewhere before – maybe even in a blog post.  But for those of you who don’t already know it, I once worked at a cemetery.  Interesting!

     7.  My favorite Christmas treat is a Black Forest Truffle, preferably from the chocolate shop in Williamsburg Virginia.  I used to get a half dozen at a time when we would visit, cut them into quarters, pop them in the freezer, and pull them out on those special days when a special hit of chocolate and cherry was all that kept me sane.  Try it!

3.  Nominate and link to 15 bloggers.

I took this seriously and reviewed all of the recent blogs I’ve read – recent meaning in the past three months – and those who have been reading mine and tried to determine who hadn’t received the Versatile Blogger Award before, or an award from me.  So if we are blog neighbors – sharing ideas like cups of sugar – and you haven’t received an award from me, then you have them already.  I feel certain that a few of the ones I am nominating probably have received this award before, but in the absence of its visibility on their sites, I’m sending it out anyway.  Some of the beautiful bloggers, such as Winsomebella, made me hunt for the award on their sites. 

So the nominees are:

1.  Renee in the Boomer Lane

2.  Prairie Wisdom

3.  Totsymae

4.  Annie

5.  Anita Mac

6.  Monica

7.  Jessica

8.  Janice

9.  Gypsy Bella

10. Susan

11. Ursula

12.  Barb

13. Lynn

14.  Ms. Maven

15.  A Country Man’s Wife

There we have it – fifteen fab sites and I’ll be double checking the links as I notify each of their beautiful awards.  Congratulations all!