Last Christmas

Did you hear the giant exhalation of breath?  If you did and wondered where it came from, it was from me.  You see, last Wednesday I panicked.  Suddenly realizing that Christmas was only days away and very little had been accomplished by me for the yearly event, I had to push myself into overdrive.

Last year, had I waited until the last minute, I would have been in trouble.  We had a rather deep snow that prohibited much travel and closed stores in the area.  Although we weren’t expecting anything like it this year, I still knew I had to get active with the shopping.  I had already decorated the house, but that was the extent of my efforts.
Last year’s snow covered driveway.

And we had a family Christmas party on Saturday, so I had to get busy.  I took off from work on Thursday and shopped for a solid twelve hours – 8:30 tto 8:30.  But it was mostly done, so the effort was worth it, except that my living room and dining room were covered with unwrapped packages, boxes, tissue paper, ribbon and bags.  But I had to cook my covered dish – fried chicken of course – on Saturday morning and wrap up the gifts for that party, so the rest stayed in their temporary places on sofas and table tops. 

Our snow covered house last Christmas

The party was great – reconnecting with loved ones who are rarely seen these days.  And afterwards, it was time to move on and help my mother finish her shopping – and wrapping.  Plus, we are the official ‘grave decorators’.  Some of you know what I mean by this.  We are the ones who lay the wreaths on the stones of our deceased loved ones – two sets of grandparents and my father.  Sad, but sadder still if left undone. 

Then we stopped by a friend’s house for a much loved visit with her and her delightful daughter, leaving with poinsettas she presented us with.  Of course, we lamented the fact that we have gone so long between visits and vow to put a priority on each other in the future. 

Paula, Ellie and me in front of the Christmas trees at the Marriott in NY

We have even treated ourselves to Christmas travel in years past.  But we’re all too busy this year to even think about such a trip. 

We finished our shopping on Sunday afternoon.  Then I attacked the wrapping, the Christmas cards – no I hadn’t sent those out either, although I had purchased them at a Christmas Shop in South Dakota in August.  I’m actually surprised that I found them at all.
Merry Christmas

Yesterday I prepared a gift for you, my readers, and one some of you have asked for but I have been tardy in providing.  It is a blogroll with links to your sites from mine.  If you are a faithful reader or know that I am one of your followers, but fail to see your link here, give me a few more days.  By Christmas Eve the list should be complete. 

So now, I can be present in Christmas, secure in the knowledge that all is done and all is well with it.  I wish that for you as well.  Merry Christmas friends!