We have friends who share our love for German Shepherds and having a spectacular male, decided to raise a few litters of pups. They aren’t breeders, just wanted to ensure the line would continue.

Before our oldest dog died, she brought a pup to our house and it aggravated both of our dogs to the point of snarling and tempers, so we let her take it back with her.

But on the day after Christmas this year, she called to say the last litter had been hard on her female and she wasn’t going to have anymore pups. There was one left, the last pup from the last litter. Did we want to look at her?

At thirteen my old girl isn’t running around much – except for chasing the cat which we try to prevent by only letting them out when the other is up. She initially curled her lip, as though she might snarl, and then walked off.

The cat kept watching it. Could he make friends with her and have an ally in the new pup? (At least that’s what he seemed to be thinking.)

Suffice it to say, the lack of protest by them has resulted in another family member. Her name is Gretel. She is cuddly, smart, and really active.

She is also just a baby, so she plays hard then sleeps, howls in the middle of the night, hasn’t learned proper bathroom techniques yet, and has the sharpest little teeth and claws you’ve ever seen.

We forgot about that part.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a puppy.

But her little face and huge paws make her adorable. We are already smitten. She fell asleep in my husband’s arms last night, after running around the basement like a banshee, chasing a ball and then her tail. He loved her little head draped over his arm, the easy breathing of her restful sleep – something we’re not getting much of.

We’re up early and in bed late, tending her needs. Just like a baby!

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