The first golden thread of sunrise greeted me early this morning as I stood in front of the kitchen window facing east at our cabin in Virginia. It grew and spread and suddenly pulled the sun upward with it – a glorious explosion of brightness and the first sunrise of 2012.

Instantly, I thought of the predictions of the Mayan Calendar and the belief of many that this could be it – the very last sunrise of a new year.

And then I realized that for many of us, it will be the last. Whether or not we see it approaching, the sand will run out of the hourglass for some of us before the next year awakens.

So what are we supposed to do about it?

Steve Jobs said it best when he referred to death as a gift that propels us with a sense of urgency to accomplish what we came here to do.

I can think of no better way to honor his legacy and the spirit of a New Year, than to whip the reigns of our lives into action and toward our goals.

Leave the arguments, self-doubt, negativity, and stress behind and spend time with the people and the activities – or lack of activities as some of us need more time to just rock on the front porch – that make you happy.

No, we shouldn’t sell our homes and quit our jobs. But we should find joy in them. If you think you have a terrible job and a lackluster home – imagine losing them for a moment. It will make you a little more thankful for what you have.

And being thankful for what you have will bring more joy into your life.

I personally have little faith in the absence of Mayan symbols predicting the end of the earth. Perhaps they just got bored, had to race off to protect their property, or prepared a much longer calendar that was hit by a comet and destroyed. Who knows?

But I do know that we’ve got today to find something to be in awe of, whether it’s the sun’s glorious rays giving us a warm New Year’s Day, or the curiosity of a puppy as it explores its universe – (and destroys our ferns) – or the face of our spouse when we hand them a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

I’m excited about 2012 and all of the things yet to come. And I hope you are too.

Happy New Year!

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