Arindam has presented me with the Candle Lighter Award and there doesn’t appear to be specific rules or obligations other than the recognition of others whose blogs uplift and bring light to those on the path of uplifting fellow bloggers.

Some refer to this as ‘incest among our own tribes’.

I say it is the ultimate pat on the back; the appreciation by those who understand the daily struggle to work a full time job. spend time on writing projects, and post blog entries.

And sometimes in these endeavors, we run across a few people who inspire us beyond belief.  They become mentors and role models and people whose tact and humor can coincide in a way that we wish to emulate.  The fact that Arindam feels this way about my blog, makes me immensely proud.

But there are those whose efforts speak equally so to me.






I’ve limited myself to five in the interest of preventing an entry a mile long and to give those I’ve awarded it to an array of possibilities beyond my bestowing in which to grant their own ‘candle light’.

As someone much wiser than me once said, “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”  Peter Berenson may have coined that phrase, but John F. Kennedy brought it into our psyche, as he did many of our ‘candle light moments.’

Take a second to think about the people who have lit the way for you, and those who continue to hold a flame before you as you traverse life’s darkness.   And take a moment to visit the sites of those whose efforts have illuminated my path.