This post has been trying to write itself through me and I have resisted. Much as some blogs declare themselves award-free or snark-free, I hadn’t thought of mine as being free of any topic – that’s why I often refer to it as ‘random life’ – but I never expected to see these two words appear here: Khloe Kardashian.

Go ahead – take a moment – you are likely stunned by them as well.

For that matter, I am not a fan of reality tv as is portrayed by some of the shows claiming to be just that. Who are they kidding? In my house reality television is called the ‘news’. But somehow, Khloe Kardashian is even turning up there. She’s on late night talk shows and covers of magazines.


She didn’t find a cure for cancer, invent an engine that gets 200 mpg, or even solve the economic issues of our country.
No, the topic is her paternity. Who is her father? We seem to think that is some of our business. Is it?

On radio shows and in crowds the topic of her not being a real ‘Kardashian’ feels shaming. There’s something inherently nasty about the reasons people believe it.

She’s too tall.

She’s too different.

She was the fat one.

She can’t have the same genes as the other women in the family.

She must be the child of another man.

Really? We think this is ok? She has been asked to take DNA tests to rule out men who might be her father – like the one coaching her mom in tennis and was confused about the scoring term ‘love’ – or whatever his excuse was. Then the one that made me feel like I needed a Silkwood shower was the headline on a rag mag that showed her picture next to Sidney and OJ Simpson’s, with the tag asking the question if OJ was her father. Sit with that one for a minute – the most hated man in America is being tagged.

You can’t even get away from it while buying your milk and bread.

There are some who seem to think it is ok to delve into any area of her life because she is in a reality show and is paid for access to her personal actions and reactions.

But the taunting and the finger wagging seems like adult bullying to me. It feels like we are shaming her. And it feels like we are sending the message that it’s ok because she looks different. It’s alright because she was the ‘f’ word – fat. None of the others were fat growing up. They were all perfect specimens of movie star quality looks and then there was the fat one who we need to shun, erase, prove that she doesn’t belong in the family portrait over the fireplace.

Entertainment Tonight interviewed the tennis coach who initially was suspected of being Khloe’s biological father. After all, his affair with her mother caused the break up of the marriage. He denied being her father. He didn’t say what I wanted him to say. I wanted him to say that he would have loved having a daughter like Khloe – that he wished it were true. And maybe he did and those comments were cut.

I think we need to take a long hard look at our appetite for this kind of mental nutrition. Do we want this in our psyche? Do we want to send the message that I believe is being sent – that it’s ok to cast out people who look different or to ridicule them?

So you may ask why I added to it by writing about it? That was why I tried to avoid putting it out in my blog. But nobody else was saying what I believe needed to be said.

Ask any child who was adopted who their father is and they’ll tell you about the man who raised them, not the one who showed up for the biological insemination. A father isn’t reduced to a few moment’s pleasure. I know who Khloe’s father is – Robert Kardashian – the one who loved her through skinned knees and sisterly squabbles. I don’t need to know any more than that.

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