“Time and tide waits for no man.” – St. Marher in 1225

Boy, wouldn’t he be surpriesed to pop into the United States today and see that indeed, we can make time wait on us. 

On November 6, 2011, we turned our clocks back one hour and joined the rest of the world in the globally accepted measurement of time. 

Here we are, barely four months later, resuming the practice of trying to save daylight.  This seems so odd to me.  I think it should be called – Daylight Postponement – as it truly can’t be saved only postponed.  The benefit of an extra hour of daylight in the evening, comes at the expense of the extra sunlight in the morning.

For some, this will be a good thing.  There will be more light at the end of the work day for yard work, gardening, playing golf, etc.  Just don’t blame the poor old farmers.  They work by the sun and not the clock, so it doesn’t matter what time the clock says the sun is coming up or going down.

For others, it will place children at risk as they board buses in the dark, and younger ones whose internal clocks don’t recognize the change, will be hungry at odd hours and have their sleep patterns disrupted.  Even our pets will have to adjust to the change in their feeding and walking schedules.

With twice as many months now devoted to Daylight Saving as opposed to the ‘real’ time, I wonder why we ‘fall back’ at all.  Which leads me to ponder why we can’t agree on a time frame and stick to it all year.  I don’t care which one – let’s just pick one and be done with it.

In my November post, I included a little background on the history of Daylight Saving if you’d like to read more about it.  

I actually contemplated changing my clocks Friday afternoon, but then I usually use my phone and computer when I am at home to give me the time, so I couldn’t fool myself into thinking it was an hour later as it kept reminding me that it wasn’t.  And I made an extra effort to get up earlier than I normally would on a Sunday morning, just to try to assure that I will be sleepy earlier tonight.  I doubt that this works as it rarely does. 

What do you do to prepare for this time change and which time do you prefer?