You may recall the decision I made to participate in the April A to Z blogging challenge.  If not, you can use the link to take you to that post.   So today begins with ‘A’.

As fate would have it, I have been presented with my ‘A’ in the form of an ‘Award’ by the lovely Dianna over at These Days of Mine.  The award is appropriately named the ‘ABC’ award for Awesome Blog Content.  Isn’t that the perfect way to start my A to Z challenge?  Thank you immensely Dianna for considering my blog to be worthy of this award.  Yours is definitely awesome!

The requirements are simple.  I should say something about myself for each letter of the alphabet.  So here goes.

A – Artistic

B – Blonde Blogger

C – Cheerful

D – Dog lover

E – Easy to talk to

F – Forty-something

G – GOG – Good Ole Girl – a group of friends who stick together

H – Helpful

I – Instintive

J – Joyful

K – Knowledge seeker

L – Loyal

M – Mom

N – Naturally curly hair

O – Open minded

P – Perceptive

Q – Questioning

R – Rational

S – Sympathetic

T – Tenacious

U – Understanding

V – Vocal – (always a talker)

W – Writer (obviously)

X – Xena addict (got to love her strength)

Y – Young at heart

Z – Zany

So there you have my 26 things.  I tried to use the very first thing that came to mind, although I did cheat a bit on ‘L’.  I started to say ‘Late occasionally’ and then the word ‘loyal’ popped into mind and I thought it sounded better.  I am fiercely loyal – even to my hairdresser. 

All of the blogs I follow have Awesome Blog Content.  But I would like to highlight a few who have had some great posts recently.













That’s a dozen and I could keep going but I figure I should leave a few blogs for these recipients to share theirs with.  But I will reiterate that my entire blogroll is award worthy and deserves attention.  I also need to add a few new ones to the list and will be doing so in the upcoming days. 

So happy April and let’s give a shout out for A to Z blogging participants.