This is Penny.  She is now our ‘old girl’ at thirteen.  According to the seven year rule for every one in dog years, that makes her the equivalent of a woman in her nineties.

She has carried ‘babies’ around all of her adult life – mostly in the form of rocks, pieces of wood, or any bric-a-brac that she could snuggle up to.  She would have been a good mother.  This has never been more apparent than now.  With her stiff hips and slow response time, she has been patient and tolerant of the puppy.

Undoubtedly she would like to ask us why we waited until now to give her heart’s desire.

These rowdy kids today!

She just wants to sit in the sunshine while Gretel – the puppy – can’t be still.

This is why there haven’t been more pictures of Gretel appearing in my blog.  She can’t be still long enough to get all of her in one shot.  If you could see her head, you would see my son’s tennis shoe dangling from her mouth.  She loves to play hide and seek.  She hides, we seek.

A rare moment of tranquility.  Better snap it quick or she’ll be off to some other adventure!

At five months and fifty pounds, Gretel is growing up fast.  I feel like my old best friend is helping me to raise my new best friend.