Today’s letter of the alphabet in the A – Z blog challenge is ‘L’ and I have chosen one of my favorite things for this post – Lavender!

I love the scent of it, the beauty of its blooms, the taste of it in the famous herbal blend we know as herbes de Provence.  But lately it has been showing up in some unusual places. 

My husband and I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s last night and as I perused the menu, I found a cocktail named Lavender Pear Martini.  I didn’t order it, but I wish I had.  It looked divine.  In its center was a triangular lavender tea bag and the drink itself was turning shades of purple.  My understanding is that it uses vodka and pear nectar and the lavender is infused through the drink by the tea bag.  It turns colors in front of you.  Isn’t that interesting?

I have seen recipes for lavender ice cream, lavender pound cake, lavender cookies, lavender macarons, and even lavender chicken and lavender bread. 

It’s original uses vary from laundry freshening, sachets for drawers, bunches to repel insects; its essential oils used for healing, moisturizing,bathing, and massage therapy as well as in cleaning supplies. 

Many of us have sensory memories of the scent of lavender in our grandmother’s closets or drawer linings.  For me, I am reminded of France whenever its wisping trail finds its way under my nose.  Several beauty products and potpourris there use this flowering herb and the fields of Provence are infamous for their huge crops of it.  There are tours available to experience the wonder of the rolling lavender.

But you don’t have to go to France to enjoy lavender.  Although I haven’t had any success with treating it as a house plant, it makes a beautiful plant for the garden, dries easily, and has been associated with good luck.  And since today is Friday the Thirteenth, a little lavender worn for luck couldn’t hurt.