Sometimes the reflection we get is slightly different than the image in front of it. Like the mountains appearing in the glassy lake, the ripples of our lives distort what we see.

Often we don’t see the extra pounds we’ve put on or lost. The mind sees something else entirely. It sees yesterday’s reflection, the one we expect to see instead of the one that is.

And what about everything that lies beneath?

If we don’t show it, does that mean it doesn’t exist?

I think we all know that isn’t true, but we act as if it is.

We mirror back to others what we think they want to see. We mirror their own feelings back to them. We feel like we must at times. If they seem sad, how dare we smile broadly or show our happiness. We mirror their pain, their suffering.

But there’s a whole universe beneath the ripple of the water and a world of emotions behind our facial facades.

Let’s dip below the surface and see what lies underneath.

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