Never Seen Blue Eyes

Some of you most likely remember a few of the posts that I penned in honor of a couple of friends who retired from their ‘desk’ jobs and took on teaching posts in Bangladesh. 

In the event that you don’t recall their images, they are very attractive, middle aged, fair skinned, blond haired ladies.  One of them caught this child staring at her and found out that it was because he had never seen a person with blue eyes before.   He was so adorable in his shocked expression that she couldn’t resist snapping a photo and sharing it with all of her friends. 

Children of every country are so innocent in their reactions to things that are new and different.  I vividly recall seeing a young teenage girl who had just moved here from Pakistan spinning in a circle with her chin tilted toward heaven as snow fell onto and around her.  She was laughing and had her hands cupped as she tried to catch the frozen precipitation. 

“It’s snow!  It’s snow!” she cried, the sheer excitement of her first experience with the white flakes that poured from grey clouds overtaking her normal reserve.

Don’t you love moments like that?  Times when a new experience causes wonderment and awe? 

Thanks Josie for sharing this great photo! 

When was the last time you saw or experienced something so new and different that it took your breath away?

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  1. Hi,
    You just have to love the expression on the face of the child, just wonderful. 🙂
    I hope to relate one day to the girl that said “It’s snow”, It’s snow”. I have never seen or felt snow, I have only seen snow on high mountain peaks many miles away, and that is it. One day I will force myself to go somewhere cold and have the experience. 🙂

  2. He’s adorable. What a surprised expression on his face.
    Your despcription of the teen dancing in the snow is so heartening.
    Seeing children discover things for the first time is a delight. 🙂

  3. Just the other day, I was running around the local lake where I always run and I almost ran into a blue heron. It isn’t rare to see herons, but I have never seen one within a foot or two of me. And I adore them. I gasped and then pulled out my camera.

  4. The question at the end is intriguing. I’d have to say my answer is when I looked up from my work and saw writings like this around me.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. My daughter spoke of the same reaction when their family went to China, of touching the blond hair, and being enamored with blue eyes. I had one of those moments last year when a butterfly emerged from a chrysalis I brought inside, protecting it from the birds.

  6. I love those moments! The little things in life that make a huge impact. I remember my cousiin visiting China and she is very, very blond and has very blue eyes. It was right after China had opened up to tourism so this was a long time ago, but she said that everywhere she went all the Chinese had to touch her hair becuase they have never seen someone with blond hair in real life! It was so funny and she became a celebrity during her entire trip! They were even wanting her to constantly stop and take a photo with them! So funny.

  7. haha…I finally remembered a “never” story. When daughter #1 was about 2 1/2 my mother brought over a Halloween costume complete with mask. We dressed her in front of a full length mirror which delighted her. Lastly, we put on her mask. She looked at us, then the mirror, repeating this several times. One could see/sense her amazement as she grasped it was her behind the mask. She had “never” seen herself with a mask before. This memory bubbled up as I thought about your post.

    1. My son had a similar experience when he was 15 months old. Only he was dressed as a tiger and terrified himself. It had never even occurred to me that that might happen.

  8. Great photo and story to go with it. As adults, we tend to become too jaded to fully experience the small joys and amazements of life. I try not to miss these things, but I know I do.

  9. Great post, Renee. Love the photo.

    When my husband and I went to Chile (when we adopted our son), we were in the subway. We’re both blond and there were some people who actually circled us looking at our hair and our pale skin. It was quite intimidating, even though we knew they were just curious and had never seen particularly my long curly blond hair.

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