Even Mother Earth needs to let off steam from time to time. The trick is to have enough space around you that you don’t burn the people who are closest to you.

Women especially, tend to bottle up negative emotions – let the anger simmer underneath a smooth facial expression.


Something small and seemingly insignificant causes the eruption that appears to be wildly out of proportion.

We blow up! We explode!

Then we feel horrible.

We fear being out of control. We ask how we could snap at something so minor. Then we realize it wasn’t about the surface crack. It was the pressure building beneath the surface.

Some of us learn to deal with these situations with yoga, exercise, or breathing techniques. We pour out the anger onto the written page, or paint a picture using lots of reds and blacks. But if this doesn’t alleviate it for you and the need to ‘steam off’ is too great to ignore, let’s incorporate one concept.

Let’s agree to let off a little steam as it heats up and save these monumental eruptions for occasions that truly call for them. Then, at least, we will feel justified instead of guilty, if we react hotly.

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