R is for Ripples

It starts out imperceptibly small, the tiniest of lifts in the water. Suddenly, it fans out and out, rippling forward until it breaks against the land.

This ripple effect reminds me of life. How many times have we told a little white lie and it grew and grew until it crashed us against the surface of truth?

Or we ignore the first sign of trouble – a cough, sore throat, sniffle – until it ripples into a full fledged crest of illness.

Maybe we don’t pay attention to a little spot on the ceiling and it expands each time it rains until there is a full drip of water damaging the ceiling and the floor beneath it.

That’s what happens with a ripple. It won’t suddenly cease to exist, it grows and grows until it bursts hard against the shore. If we could learn to pay attention to the ripples maybe we would get pulled under a lot fewer currents.

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  1. I thought you would prefer R for “Renee” and write something about yourself. 🙂
    You have written this so beautifully. So true and so thoughtful. Great post!

  2. Spot on, Renee. I myself call it the domino effect. You know: When you put the dominoes up vertically, in a row; quite close together, push the first one and what happens? All flat on their backs, that’s what. Then there is the snowball which, at the end of its journey downhill, might have grown into a full avalanche. Neither domino nor snowball start with “R”. So, Renee, ripple it is.


  3. Fine I’ll go to the doctor!!! haha
    This is a great post! I’m really enjoying your post. They are so well thought out.. Not like mine 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Very well said, and all very true, we do tend to leave small things sometimes, and they just seem to get worse. 🙂
    Loved the post.

  5. Yes, those ripples just seem to magnify, don’t though – no matter what the situation. Hope you have a ripple-free weekend! (Unless, of course, you’re at the beach, where ripples are welcome!)

  6. I really like your pondering around the analogue of ripples. A beautiful observation. So many things in life does resemble the slow build-up of ripples, and not only negatively. Like friendship – it usually starts with a small gesture and slowly build to something that is unbreakable. Not to mention love. Or writing a book. It starts with one letter and ends in a cascades of words. Great post!

  7. Renee, sometimes ripples can turn into a good thing. Like when we do one small thing to make a difference and soon it’s catching on and everyone’s doing it, like not littering or recycling. Then there’s blogging. When I started, no readers, then slowly, with ripples, a few started reading and then a few more and now I have at least a dozen people who regularly read. Now, if you ask me, that’s a tidal wave! 😉

  8. Yes, the ripple effect…or is that affect? I have trouble keeping those straight in my head! Anyway, I agree…many little things grow to be big…I need to be better about nipping in the bud!

    On the other hand…my opposing argument…there have been times when a little postponement of dealing with a situation allowed for a resolution to come about…without me having to be the catalyst. Now, if I could only perfect the art of knowing when to intervene, and when to allow life to sort itself out! Love this post! ~ Sheila

  9. This is beautifully written. Very wise words. I agree with Monica too in that ripples can also lead to good things. I love going down to the water and watching the ripples. Very soothing.

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