After a heavy shower of rain recently, I found myself on the shoulder of the road sinking deeper into the soft earth as I continued to push the gas pedal to the floor.  Except for the sound of splattering mud hitting the rear wheel rim and quarter panel, I made no progress.

So I stopped.

Backed up a bit.

Redirected my wheels.

Slowly then, I eased back onto the road.

I have read enough inspirational material to feel as though situations like this aren’t just coincidental happenings, but often a key to something much deeper.  So I asked myself what I thought that was supposed to teach me.

The answer came rather quickly.  It’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately – pouring on the gas in the direction I started out in and just spinning my wheels.  It’s time to stop – back up – find a new direction – and ease back into things again.

Nine months ago I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish over the course of the next twelve.  But I am not where I need to be to make those goals achievable.  So, I’ve signed up for a few webinars and critiques and hopefully this will redirect me.

To get the most out of these sessions, I will need to temporarily stop something in order to free up the time.   Quitting my day job isn’t an option.  (The bank still expects the mortgage payment on time – go figure!)  And I’m still several years away from retirement.

So, I’m following in the footsteps of a few of my blogging buddies – Georgette and Darla to name two – and taking a summer break from blogging.  I will definitely return by Labor Day and hopefully with a few new insights on ‘writing and life’ – the goal of this site.

I may even treat my website to a whole new look.  Who knows?  Just watch for the incoming message that writingfeemail has returned and hopefully I’ll have something new and exciting to share.