Hellooo out there!

Do you remember me?

It’s been a nice break and I’ve experimented with wisdom from webinars, editors, agents and other successful writers.  Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent with a blog that offers sound advice – at least it appears to be sound.

Another piece of advice that I received actually led to the hiatus in the first place.  While studying the most effective use of one’s writing time, I learned that I had mine out of proportion.  The recommended division for the unpublished novelist – that would be me sadly – is 90% on novel and a mere 10% on one’s blog.


I decided to give the advice a try.

It was spot on.  Here’s why.

Thinking about the next blog, taking pictures, preparing links – usurps a great deal of the creative process and energy.  During Nanowrimo, November’s national novel-writing challenge, successful authors give tips to those of us attempting to throw everything into our writing.  One such tip I received was to try to even limit the witty banter with co-workers, as even that tapped into the creative juices.

Imagine how much of that is robbed in the process of being hyper-vigilant about one’s blog content.

Focusing daily on the novel at hand limits the amount of time spent rereading pages from the last session’s work.  If it was written a week ago, the necessity to get the mood of the scene and the psyche of the characters back into my consciousness requires precious moments in which I could be adding to the story instead of recreating the ambiance in my head.

But the blog is also important and the community of friends and fellow bloggers have been sorely missed.

Arindam Mohapatra at Being Arindam, even published a book through Amazon!

Triple wow!!!

Congratulations Arindam!

And I made a few changes to the site, including going ‘Award Free’.  This decision was made due to the amount of time I’m already chopping off of the blog writing.  Still love every one of them, but I’d rather focus on content and connecting with my readers.

I thought I may be tempted to change the template of the site, and I did experiment with many, many, many others.  The problem – I wanted something easy to read, easy to navigate, not too complicated for me to use, and that you wonderful tribesmen didn’t already have.

Well, after traveling around the rainbow, I’ve returned to the place from which I started.  I’ll just update the photo header and leave the website as it is.

I did elect to purchase writingfeemail.com, so that should make me easier to find.

And I published another short story at Storyhouse titled Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice.

At least something got published.  Here’s another piece of writing advice – never send queries in August!

Yes, I was warned that most agents were combing the conventions or on vacation and wouldn’t be accepting submissions even though their websites didn’t state that.  And yes, the few I sent out came back so quickly that I think they passed each other in the ethersphere.  I would like to think that someone read them, but two minutes from ‘message sent’ to ‘incoming message’ doesn’t support that theory.  I’ll try again and again and eventually it will work.

We must have confidence in our work!

The good news is that while social media is full of people sick to death of us bloggers and facebookers and twitterers bragging about how successful and wonderful we are, my confession should be a breath of fresh air.  Either I sent out my query at the wrong time, to the wrong people, or I am not good at writing a darn query.  It is likely a combination of all of those things.

So hello again.  I’ll keep you updated on the search for publication and hope it is a shorter journey than it has been so far.

What have you been up to lately?