There is a reason that the old cliché about ‘a dark and stormy night’ starts many short stories, especially the ones where mystery and drama become part of the tale.  It sets the scene and lets us know what is about to follow is likely to be scary.

I also think it encourages creativity.  Today, as thunder roared, clouds rolled in, wind picked up, and heavy rain pelted the roof, I felt compelled to pull out my journal and write.

Perhaps it is the feeling of not being able to work outdoors that frees the mind from the chores that beg to be completed.  It’s hard to lay aside the weeding and mowing and porch cleaning, unless of course these things cannot be accomplished in a storm.

So the afternoon lends itself to another kind of storm – the brainstorm!

Ideas collide with locations, dark events in sunny locales, or romantic tales in cold climates, or a politician whose Neanderthal notions come back to haunt his family.

Oh wait, that last one would be non-fiction and I write novels unless it’s a travel piece, but still I wonder.

What encourages your creativity?  Is there a time when you simply must write?