Touchdown! It’s November!

Wow.  October went by really fast, didn’t it?

So the uber-busy month of November has witnessed its kick-off and the mad rush toward everything has begun.  By everything I mean – football games, birthday events (at least in my family), Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and that little thing called Nanowrimo.

If you are new to this blog or short on memory, Nanowrimo is the challenge for crazy driven people to attempt to pen 50,000 words in the period of thirty days that we call November.  It’s helpful if they make sense and relate to one another in a way that tells a story.

 Sound a little nuts?

Of course it is.  But having the expectation that I will meet the goal by midnight November 30, pushes me along.  And let’s face it, it is a great excuse reason to leave the laundry and the dishes undone.

So the buzzer has sounded and those of us enrolled in ward nanowrimo, have likely selected a genre and started setting the scene.

I penned a lousy whopping 977 words first thing this morning, so the meter at my site has a shred of blue on it.  By shred, I mean a faint, almost infinitesimal blue line at the starting point.  But, I’m in the game.

I neglected my blog severely last year, so this year I penned dozens four different pieces in advance.  That way, I’ll have something to share with you as the month progresses and my ability to think outside of the novel recedes.

I am telling you this because one of them is a book review and I don’t want you to think that I am just sitting around indulging myself with reading when I should be writing.  And because I may not get to your blog posts on a timely manner.  I will get around to them, but maybe not on the first day you publish them.  If the writing muse – I call mine Alphonsine – is playing well in the sand box of my mind, then I shall respect the gift and stay there until she needs a break.

That being said, she is knocking wildly, so I must greet her at the door of my imagination.

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  1. Answer that door. Let Alphonsine in and let her make herself right at home and hopefully she will stay until the end of the month. Good luck.

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  3. I know you can do it! Good that you have a muse! I don’t think I have one of those…can you buy one?! I’ll be excited to follow your progress, and hope you stay sane during the 30 day marathon.
    ~ Sheila

  4. I love the pictures your chose for this post. Good luck on your nanowrimo. I know someone else who is participating in this…lunacy! 😉 Now, get back to work!

  5. Wow Renee! Good luck on the Nanowrimo novel. Here’s hoping the inspiration and determination will stay with you all month long!

    1. Thanks Bella. I’m trying to change up the banner with the seasons and things I see in my life. I can feel the support coming from you guys. It is inspirational.

  6. I wish you all the best my friend. You passion for life and words is inspiring. As for October, I agree, it flew so fast. I told myself I will enjoy it to the fullest but I think it was not enough at all. Now here’s November and 4 days has passed. Time to make a plan and make sure everyday is spent in the most amazing way. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Good luck, Renee! How exciting. Though I always wondered why is Nanowrimo in November, one of the busiest months as we get ready for the holidays and begin our holiday travel? I could think of better months. Oh, well. Wishing you great success!

    1. I’ve certainly thought that myself as well. But I think the point may be that if we can find the time and energy to accomplish it in November, then we can do it any time of year. It is a stretch though.

  8. Any chance you’ll be posting the finished product? I’d love to read it, and I’m sure others would, too. Good luck, and don’t forget to sleep now and then.

    1. I would love your input and opinion. That would be fantastic. But please keep in mind that it will only be a rough first draft and in dire need of some editing and polishing.

  9. I just wanted to stop by and holler WAHOO at you!!! Hope your word count is rising faster than the laundry pile! I laughed when I read how NaNo provides a good excuse for neglecting same!

  10. You’re one of those brave people doing NaNoWriMo! I didn’t realise. How fantastic 🙂 Good luck. We’re halfway through. Oh, my gosh, I really don’t know how you find the time… I admire your dedication 🙂

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