I love Halloween.  It is such a fun holiday that requires so little and gives back so much.  The only gifts to purchase being fun-sized candy and colorful pencils.  Halloweens of years past include haunted hayrides, bonfires, haunted houses, roasting marshmallows, costume parties, apple bobbing and the school fall festival.

Now, if I miss the local fair, I’ve pretty much missed any association with the event.  My son is much too old to participate in the frivolities of childhood, although he and his girlfriend did visit a haunted hayride.

And we used to go to Tweetsie to the haunted train ride through the mountain passes.  That was always enjoyable.  Now, I just focus on my surroundings.

Decorating is pumped up with harvest items; pumpkins, dried corn stalks, hay bales, colored leaves, gourds, scarecrows, and witches on broomsticks.  It feels bountiful and rich, deep colors accentuating the soft glow of the waning light.  I can’t resist throwing a few items around the house to remind me of the season.

Once upon a time – say a very few days ago – this pumpkin had the most glorious stalk.  I wish I had photographed it then.  Her highness – Gretel – decided to play with it and carried it off by afore mentioned stalk.  I suppose it made a great handle for a little while.  We followed the shreds to the forest, where her teeth slid through the stalk time and again as the weight of the pumpkin pulled it downward.  Oh well, at least she had a little fun with it.

She hasn’t pulled the wreath from the door.

And the mantle is safe from her and vice versa.

The maple outside is still dressed up in colorful costume.

All I need is a few trick-or-treaters and some popcorn as I settle in for the season’s best scary movies.  My favorites are Rosemary’s Baby, Dracula, Hocus Pocus, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Raven.  Of course, the Charlie Brown Halloween special is always a hit.

Have you seen a really great scary movie lately and if so, please share.  I’m always looking for one that isn’t too bloody but has the right blend of fancy and fright.