The Burden of Tax Season

taxes 3Tax inflation is causing anxiety around the world, especially in Europe and most notably in France.  Many people are leaving their homeland to avoid being gouged – some rates being as high as 75%.

In America we reward the wealthy with the lowest rates.  Unfortunately, my family doesn’t fall into that rare category.

Fortunately, we do have jobs and farms and have an income to pay taxes on.


But figuring out the actual tax burden takes time, effort, and an accountant.  And that time has to come from other free time.  For me, that means it eats into my reading and writing time.

After all, everything else is a must-do and is non-negotiable.  And I can’t be creative when my mind is as cluttered with figures, categories, and things I needn’t forget, as the table is with receipts, documents, and forms.

taxes 4 Happily, I managed to find a Mark Twain quote about taxes on a Pinterest picture.  In fact, all three of these pictures are courtesy of Pinterest – a new favorite of mine.

And since it appears that I will have a nice, fat tax bill this year, it’s a good thing to find something to be happy about.

So fellow tax payers, are you an early or late filer?  And if you’ve already filed, are you feeling the pinch or planning for the refund?

For those of you outside of the USA, do you have complicated tax filings and have you been affected by the increasing rates?




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  1. Oh, taxes have taken their bite out of us! We filed and paid. It was painful. Enough said!
    On a happier note, I completely agree about Pinterest! I’ve said before that I have to limit my time there, or I’m afraid it could seriously suck a lot of time out of my life! I can while away an afternoon between recipes, gardening, home decor, history, and quotes. I don’t visit other categories usually, but I’m happy to check out the latest in these subjects. Whoever came up with the idea of Pinterest is a genius! ~ Sheila

  2. We paid a minimal amount (less than $100) to the Feds, and got a refund from the State. Not really that bad a deal. Europe has some issues right now I know. We are feeling pretty lucky actually. (Still, I’d like to be one of those 1 or 2 percenters!)

  3. We haven’t gotten our taxes back from the CPA yet….holding our breath. Thankfully, my Quicken computer program makes keeping records fairly simply. It still takes a lot of time to gather all that information. It’s always a relief to get it to the accountant!

    1. I know what you mean. I dread gathering the information but once it is out of my hands and in the accountant’s, I’m relieved even if the news from him isn’t good.

  4. I didn’t get to it in January so I’ll be a later filer this year. Hate that. Sooner it’s out of the way the sooner it’s out of my head!

  5. Renee, I filed last week and am expecting a refund. But a friend of mine who filed a month ago is still waiting for her refund. They’re slower this year, it seems, because in the midst of tax season, the IRS decided to switch software they use. So, it’s causing delays. Sigh. Why they didn’t do the switch before or after tax season, I’ll never know.

  6. That’s one of the least fun things about spring break. Yep spring break is about taking road trips, having visitors come to town and…it’s the time to gather everything together and get it to the accountant.

  7. You and me both. I had the pleasure of earning extra money this year thanks to my little freelance business. It is the first time I made any money worth shouting about, but now I’m crying. Big fat tax bill. Hopefully, next year will be better as I will be chunking some in each quarter. Got the figures all sorted out. Won’t pay till the big day.

    1. I am so glad that your business is paying off. I would rather give uncle Sam a portion of something than have nothing to owe them on. Hang on to that cash til the final day though.

  8. We just realized that for $27 in interest, my son has to do a long form. For 27 bucks. Oy.

    I actually don’t mind the paying of the taxes — they are a necessary evil. But the forms and their complexity? Not necessary!

  9. We’ve been in Canada for almost fifteen years, and I still have an easier time with the US forms (we have to file both). Sorry to hear about your tax bill, Renee. But as you can tell from that Twain quote, it’s nothing new.

    1. Now there is a nightmare – having to file taxes in two different countries with different forms and likely different codes. I’m feeling better just imagining it.

  10. For some reason the government doesn’t want our money – we had yet received our forms so DH called to get them even going on the internet to request them. Here we are in March and still no forms. We usually file as late as possible since we usually pay in. I don’t know how people can get back thousands of dollars. We are just tired of paying them and seeing no return on our investment in our country.

  11. Love that quote, Renee. Oh mercy, so true. Year upon year I am defenceless against the tax man. I just don’t know how to play the game, the system. I’m so average, and it does not pay…

  12. Great quote, ol’ Mr. Twain had such a clever outlook on things. It’s amazing that his quotes are still appropriate even for this day and age.
    We’re early filers. We carry our paperwork to a service and they take care of the rest.
    I have mixed feelings about taxes. It would take too much space for me to express my thoughts about them.
    I hope you get through your taxes soon so you can better enjoy the upcoming Spring. 🙂

    1. I think we would all feel better about paying our taxes if congress respected the sacrifice we are all making and gave us more value for our dollars. But as you say, Mr. Twain even felt the sting. I wonder what he would say about it today.

  13. Now that we live in England we have to file twice: in America and England. I pretty much hate this topic. I did enjoy the Twain quote. Good luck figuring everything out.

    1. This is horrible. That alone is reason enough for me never to move away. Filing in two countries under two separate sets of rules sounds like torture. Yikes.

      1. Would you believe I slept through hammering and power sawing just the other side of a sheet of plywood yesterday morning?

      2. Last night my son slept through the security alarm going off, followed by the company’s phone call to our address to make sure all was well before forwarding the info to police. Thankfully it was just a malfunction in one of the door connectors that is being fixed, but I couldn’t believe it didn’t wake him. You two must sleep really soundly. I am jealous.

  14. Ugh. I HATED this post when you published it!
    I read it, then quickly looked away.
    Ok, it wasn’t your actual post…..I just hated to be reminded of the task at hand. I procrastinated for a full week. But…..
    TODAY is the day! I am FORCING myself to spend all day gathering everything in preparation for our meeting with our Accountant.
    You are so right – this time of year can be a joy-stealer…especially living in a spend-y state like CA…Maybe I’ll reclaim my joy later today with a beach walk.
    In the meantime, if you need me….I’ll be in the dining buried under paper.

  15. I feel your pain my friend. The Government is merciless when it comes to taxing the middle income who already burdened so much. Countless have lost their homes, gave up decent health care and had to suffer tremendously because it is becoming expensive to live in America. If it continues, the middle income working population will dwindle significantly every year. Great post.

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