taxes 3Tax inflation is causing anxiety around the world, especially in Europe and most notably in France.  Many people are leaving their homeland to avoid being gouged – some rates being as high as 75%.

In America we reward the wealthy with the lowest rates.  Unfortunately, my family doesn’t fall into that rare category.

Fortunately, we do have jobs and farms and have an income to pay taxes on.


But figuring out the actual tax burden takes time, effort, and an accountant.  And that time has to come from other free time.  For me, that means it eats into my reading and writing time.

After all, everything else is a must-do and is non-negotiable.  And I can’t be creative when my mind is as cluttered with figures, categories, and things I needn’t forget, as the table is with receipts, documents, and forms.

taxes 4 Happily, I managed to find a Mark Twain quote about taxes on a Pinterest picture.  In fact, all three of these pictures are courtesy of Pinterest – a new favorite of mine.

And since it appears that I will have a nice, fat tax bill this year, it’s a good thing to find something to be happy about.

So fellow tax payers, are you an early or late filer?  And if you’ve already filed, are you feeling the pinch or planning for the refund?

For those of you outside of the USA, do you have complicated tax filings and have you been affected by the increasing rates?