Spring football??

Well, so to speak.

Gretel taking her side of the field.
Gretel taking her side of the field.

Gretel with football in mouth Gretel playing football Gretl Upside down with football Caleb and Gretel with football

Game on!!

And while the kids play, the birds are making nests (and messes) on the porch!

Bird's Nests in odd places
Bird’s Nests in odd places

Bird's Nest on porch fan blade

But we can always enjoy the colors and lovely temperatures of spring.

spring blooms
spring blooms

Iris bed Lilacs Petunias

I wish you could smell the lilacs.  They are wonderfully fragrant.  And the peonies are stating to form tight little buds.  Maybe I’ll have some pictures of those before much longer.

So how are things in your backyard?