Spring Football and Floral Show

Spring football??

Well, so to speak.

Gretel taking her side of the field.
Gretel taking her side of the field.

Gretel with football in mouth Gretel playing football Gretl Upside down with football Caleb and Gretel with football

Game on!!

And while the kids play, the birds are making nests (and messes) on the porch!

Bird's Nests in odd places
Bird’s Nests in odd places

Bird's Nest on porch fan blade

But we can always enjoy the colors and lovely temperatures of spring.

spring blooms
spring blooms

Iris bed Lilacs Petunias

I wish you could smell the lilacs.  They are wonderfully fragrant.  And the peonies are stating to form tight little buds.  Maybe I’ll have some pictures of those before much longer.

So how are things in your backyard?

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  1. I think peonies are among the most gorgeous of flowers! Gretel is lucky to have room to run and play. Unrelated: My brother and family just went to VT yesterday for a spring scrimmage and posted photos on fb of everyone together.
    Oh dear, we have one of those messy nests on the back porch at the farm. Rick pressure washes it away, and well, they just “rebuild”.

  2. Beautiful! Our lilacs are just starting to bud out … and peonies are peeking out right now! Gretel sure looks happy to be playing football 😉

    1. We have probably been mowing for about a month. Of course, I’ve been known to take the mower out in the winter just to clip the weeds and wild onions that tend to poke up above the grass.

  3. It appears we have some sun but none of those other wonderful things. There would be no rolling in the grass it is mostly muck. No buds or flowers yet. It will come though. I have faith…it will come.

  4. Flowers are blooming, the birds have built a nest (it now contains 3 eggs) in my hanging basket. My mother had a lilac; love that scent!

    1. There is no shortage of building materials around here. They love to use the pine needles that we put out in the flower beds and bits of moss from the surrounding woods. Isn’t it interesting to think of their nest building abilities?

  5. Renee, please don’t make me wistful. Currently no backyard, no garden. Of my own. Which doesn’t stop me enjoying those of others.

    Gretel is a fine dog. I grew up with a black Alsatian. He was my first “body guard”. Ensuring me a lot of freedom away from my other chaperons (adults that is) at an age as tender as three.

    Smelling the lilacs with you, and – like you – I adore tight ball peonies, the way they slowly unfold,

  6. I love lilacs, and their fragrance. Your photos are wonderful…spring in full bloom! Gretel is a beautiful dog, and a great football player too. Can’t believe you’ve already been mowing a month, but at least you have the benefit of an early spring/short winter! ~ Sheila

    1. Crazy bird architects – love that. I caught the one on the porch ceiling fan before it was finished and eggs laid. I’ve kept those fans running ever since just to discourage the rebuilding.

  7. Our lilacs are a few days from bursting open. I love them. Boy, that nest on the fan blade…what was that poor mama bird thinking?
    Enjoy spring.

    1. She had apparently started it on several of the blades. Perhaps the wind blew them around and when she returned, started all over again. We have plenty of bird houses around, so I hope she found one of them.

  8. My wife and I were just talking about the amazing places in which birds build their nests. This morning, we watched a bird going in and out of the open-ended pole that reaches across a nearby road and holds the traffic light. The opening is barely big enough for the bird to fit into, yet there’s obviously a nest in there.

    Your lawn looks great. Ours is a disaster.

    1. Keep in mind, you are only seeing the portion of lawn I have approved. One side is mostly shady and the grass is non-existent. Debating on whether we need to thin the trees or plant a different type of grass. It’s always something.

  9. I hadn’t even considered doggie football! Things are springing to life in our garden, too. The irises are in bloom, along with the catmint, yarrow and high mallow; the azaleas faded away. The bee balm has spread considerably since last year, as have the black-eyed susans. (The latter two are only foliage at this time). There are a TON of buds on the Asian lilies this year.

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