Vacation Paradise

Our vacation came late this year.  In fact, it coincided nicely with my birthday and was a complete joy.  You are about to see why.  We drove down to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina – a barrier island between Charleston, SC and Savannah, Georgia.

“…vicinity to the sea is desirable, because it is easier to do nothing by the sea than anywhere else, and because bathing and basking on the shore cannot be considered an employment but only an apotheosis of loafing.”   – E. F. Benson

Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island

It was paradise – sunshine glistening on water.

Hilton Head bird in glistening water

Rocky beach head.

Hilton Head rocky beach head

Dunes and sea grass.

Hilton Head sea grass

Sand castles left behind by dreaming children.

Hilton Head sand castle

Blue umbrellas hovering over chairs along the shore.

Hilton Head beach umbrellas and chairs

Lots of seashells!

Hilton Head conch shell The conch was still inside this shell so I took the picture and my husband hurled it back into the sea.


                                                          Hilton Head shells on rock Rocks were covered in them.

               Hilton Head seashell

Sand dollars and horseshoe crabs!

Hilton Head sand dollar    Hilton Head crab

And my very first star fish!

Hilton Head star fish

But this is just a sampling of the wonderful trip.  Part II will feature more of this island paradise.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful! Of course, you know how much I love the beach! Can’t wait to see more pictures from your vacation.

  2. Indeed it seems like you had a great vacation – judging by your pictures. Your photos are gorgeous, so full of life as it is at the sea, with a warm (or not so warm) breezes and the sharp light both from above and reflected in the sea. My favourite picture is the first one.

  3. Sunshine, sand AND shells! Very cool. The Oregon Coast, where I usually go, is pretty low on sea shells and pretty high on fog. Still it’s fun to get away.

    Is Hilton Head where there is a herd of special island ponies?

    1. No, that is Corolla, NC and Chincoteague, VA. Although, there may have been ponies there at some time. It is the home to one of the rare shell rings left by ancient civilizations and has been protected. There is a walkway around it.

      I think I would like the foggy coast too. I have a thing for fog – a real mood setter.

  4. Breathtaking! We spent a week In Avon, NC on the Outer Banks this summer and these photos made me wish I was back there.

    1. The OBX area of NC is special indeed. I love beaches that still resemble beaches as they might have been before we started constructing high rises up and down the shore. Both of these areas have maintained standards. Lovely.

      1. Galveston beaches aren’t pretty white sands with blue water – the ones south, Padre Island are picture perfect.
        We still like the dunes and vegetation here – Molly doesn’t care if it’s not glamor shot pretty as long as there’s room to trot

  5. It always sounds so intriguing, to go to the Outer Banks. Is that the same or similar to the Barrier Reef? I guess it could be considered an item on a bucket list in current terms.

    1. There is a lot of coral on the Great Barrier Reef which our barrier islands don’t have. But they are so important to the ecosystem of the sea life and to the health of the coastline and a ‘barrier’ to coastal erosion. They remind me of how the seashore was before we began to construct mega-hotels up and down the beach.

  6. Happy belated birthday! Your pictures transported me back a couple years, when we went there for vacation. I’d go again in a heartbeat.

  7. Wonderful!

    That sandcastle is very clever to have an arrow head – I couldn’t have done that!

  8. Renee, what amazing photos! I love the one with the blue umbrellas. That’s my favorite blue! And I love the ones of the sea shells. But my favorite is the starfish! When I was a kid, we had a starfish on our living room coffee table. How I loved holding it, touching it, running my finger along the inside, wondering what secrets of the sea it held. Thanks for stirring such memories, and for posting these stupendous photos!

  9. Because I’m returning from break and saw Part III, thought I’d move back to Part I. Honeymooned in Hilton Head MANY years ago …. then return many years later. Thanks for capturing the peaceful side.

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