Vacation Paradise – Part II

Part one of our vacation paradise began with a broad selection of pictures that I took of the lovely secluded beach and some of its shells.  After all, location is the most important aspect to consider.

Following that should be the hotel, don’t you think?  Nothing wrecks a vacation like a bad hotel.  And nothing makes a trip more memorable than one with class, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful surroundings and amenities, and a great bed!

Hilton Head Westin Resort and Spa
Hilton Head Westin Resort and Spa

Let me congratulate the Westin Resort and Spa for providing all of those things.  We came away without having a single complaint.

And here is the disclaimer – I don’t have any interests in the resort.  So this is a totally unbiased opinion.

See for yourself!

Heavenly bed.Hilton Head heavenly bed  Heavenly bath with rainfall showers and comfy robes to slip into.Hilton Head robe

Pools of all kinds.    Hilton Head covered poolHilton Head poolside cabanas with cabanas!

Alight at night. Hilton Head pool lit after dark

Lounge chairs in tropical settings.Hilton Head garden lounge chairs

Four restaurants and a fitness center.Hilton Head fitness room

Even a fire pit.Hilton Head firepit

There’s really no reason to leave the resort.

But we did – of course.   Refuges and parks abound, making it a great place for bird watchers.

Hilton Head Pinckney Island bird with reflection Hilton Head Pinckney Island sign Hilton Head Pinckney Island refuge Hilton Head Pinckney Island egrets

Old Harbour Town and Lighthouse can’t be missed.  We were treated to a little live music beneath the Liberty Oak.  Great job guys!Hilton Head Harbor music

The Lighthouse and its 114 steps just had to be climbed.

Hilton Head Island Lighthouse And I had to take plenty of pictures from the top.Hilton Head Harbor and dock Hilton Head Lighthouse and boats

Hilton Head sailboat

I particularly liked this one of the sinking sun.Hilton Head sun slipping downward

Hilton Head Harbourtown and treeThe old trees along the harbor amazed me.

I’ve got one more part to this adventure.  Check back for the final chapter of our vacation paradise.

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  1. Beautiful photos! And I agree about great hotels! Some of my best vacay memories are about the amazing hotels we’ve been lucky enough to experience. Looks like you found a great one! ~ Sheila

  2. Yah, ok, the hotel looks nice. Comfy environs and bathrobes, but it was the birds (the heron in particular) and the environs (the setting sun in particular) that drew my attention. Glad you had some precious time away from the routine.

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