Are you tired of my vacation yet?  I hope not.  This post is pure delight.  Enjoy!

Hilton Head gull facing back Hilton Head gull up close Hilton Head Island sewing machine bird Hilton Head jelly fish Hilton Head coconut shrimp Hilton Head dock and sunset Hilton Head park lights Hilton Head rental toys Hilton Head rocky beach glistening Hilton Head shore bird Hilton Head Skull Creek Sign Hilton Head Skull Creek dock Hilton Head steamed oysters Hilton Head sunlight on water Hilton Head sunrise 2 Hilton Head sunrise through sea grass Hilton Head sunrise Hilton Head sunset on beach Hilton Head boat house Hilton Head boat and gator That is an alligator swimming in the water, not a tree limb.  It’s tiny and hard to see as I only had my cell phone for this shot.

And the finale – Happy Birthday to Me!Hilton Head glass of champagne and 2 strawberriesHilton Head birthday champagne and berries    Hilton Head birthday berries

I hope you enjoyed this little slide show of my wonderfully relaxing vacation.  Boy, did I ever need the sunshine, warmth, and complete pampering.  It was a slice of heaven and I’ve been telling anyone who asks, it was the closest to paradise I expect to get without actually dying.

So, now tell me where you have been that was totally renewing.