Vacation Paradise – Part III – The Finale

Are you tired of my vacation yet?  I hope not.  This post is pure delight.  Enjoy!

Hilton Head gull facing back Hilton Head gull up close Hilton Head Island sewing machine bird Hilton Head jelly fish Hilton Head coconut shrimp Hilton Head dock and sunset Hilton Head park lights Hilton Head rental toys Hilton Head rocky beach glistening Hilton Head shore bird Hilton Head Skull Creek Sign Hilton Head Skull Creek dock Hilton Head steamed oysters Hilton Head sunlight on water Hilton Head sunrise 2 Hilton Head sunrise through sea grass Hilton Head sunrise Hilton Head sunset on beach Hilton Head boat house Hilton Head boat and gator That is an alligator swimming in the water, not a tree limb.  It’s tiny and hard to see as I only had my cell phone for this shot.

And the finale – Happy Birthday to Me!Hilton Head glass of champagne and 2 strawberriesHilton Head birthday champagne and berries    Hilton Head birthday berries

I hope you enjoyed this little slide show of my wonderfully relaxing vacation.  Boy, did I ever need the sunshine, warmth, and complete pampering.  It was a slice of heaven and I’ve been telling anyone who asks, it was the closest to paradise I expect to get without actually dying.

So, now tell me where you have been that was totally renewing.

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  1. What a stunning place and fantastic photos! I think when I think of magic, I always think of Paris. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back there, but you never can tell. That’s my place of rebirth and renewal.

  2. Renee, I completely enjoyed every second you shared with us of your paradise. Happy Birthday!
    He-Who took me to Maui (his first visit there, my second) for my 50th birthday. He planned every detail without any input from me. It was the best vacation and the most renewing. The stage was set for one of the best years of my life thanks to him.

  3. Happy Birthday, Renee. 🙂 I’m rather sorry to see an end to your photos. They have been beautiful. I loved the shots of your clam dinner and the triple sun the best.

  4. A belated happy birthday to you! Love all the photos! I didn’t grow up near the ocean, but having lived on the Alaskan coast for the past few years, I’ve definitely come to love it. Of course, I love warm weather more than what we usually get here! But any coast / ocean setting is beautiful!

    As to places I’ve been that were amazing…Paris…Tahiti…mountain resorts in Colorado…like you said in a previous post, having a great hotel is also key…great scenery, great food, and some luxury pampering…bliss! ~ Sheila

  5. So serene! Love that you had time to stop and notice little details. I am a terrible photographer – lacking in both quantity and quality – you inspire me to resolve to do better! Happy Birthday – looks like you celebrated in style!

  6. Well, I’ll put in a vote for Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes, France, and the surrounds. I love that place. Or, I can go up the road to Yosemite, at least when it’s not shut down.

  7. Oh that was refreshing. I especially love the shots of the gulls and the plover or whatever that is. The food got my attention, too! What’s a vacation without delightful food? Happy belated birthday.

  8. Great photographs of what looks like a wonderful vacation. How can we be tired of paradise? Happy Birthday to you (even though this comes late).

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