The Sun Also Rises

Lately I’ve posted a few sunset pictures.  On a recent trip to our farm in Bland, Virginia, I also captured a few rather nice sunrises.  One in particular sparked my interest.

Sunrise behind trees bland 2

It fanned out slowly from a small stand of trees on the facing hilltop.

Sunrise behind trees bland 4

Growing brighter until it was hard to stare in its direction.


Sunrise behind trees bland 7


Sunrise behind trees bland 8

It even spread across the adjoining peaks, the forest floor still dotted with snow.

Bland snow and sun and fog

The sun itself is to the left of this particular view.  Nice, no?

We don’t have internet in Bland.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Mostly it is nice to have a place to go and completely unplug.  Of course, we are usually so busy working when we are there that there is little time for missing the web.

But I can’t update posts or comment on your sites, although I have used my blackberry at times in the past.  It takes soooo lonnnng though.

I think its worth it for shots like these.  And the bonus is in the unique location that gives us access to both the rising and the setting sun.

Now I must get to work decorating for Christmas.  How about you?

Do you celebrate?  Is your tree up?  Presents bought and wrapped?

It is only seventeen days away.  Yikes!  Better hurry.

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  1. Amazing shots of that sunrise. As you know, sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day; something so humbling about watching the sun rise and set.
    My tree is up, decorations about 50% done, presents bought but not wrapped yet. Christmas cards in the process of being made: still lots to do!
    Enjoy your holiday preps ! Will you spend it in Bland?

    1. I always think of you whenever I post a sunset or sunrise. You are the master at capturing their magic.
      If we don’t Christmas in Bland, we’ll definitely get there in the days shortly after.

  2. That title really reeled me in. To confirm I’m thinking of the right novel (my memory is the pits these days), I checked a Sparknotes summary. What a way to suck the soul out of a piece of work! I read this blog — and looked at the pictures — this morning, but didn’t have time to comment then. I love sunrises and sunsets. I see more sunsets, not being that much of an early riser, although my new bedroom configuration is oriented so I am awakened by summer sunrises.
    No, not at all ready for Christmas. I may not be by the time it arrives, either.

    1. Yes, I posted so many sunsets that when I grabbed this sunrise I made the comment about the sun also rising. It was a great novel, you are correct. Bet you’re loving that new addition.

  3. That looks like molten gold. Absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t agree with you more; that is worth unplugging for awhile.
    I started a big clean and decorating last week. Sitting in the glow of the lights keeps me motivated to deal with the rest.

  4. These are great shots, Renee. Did you have a filter on your lens? One nice thing about shorter days, its easier to capture both the sunrise and the sunset.

    Got the tree up and the decorating done. Even cleaned house yesterday, after hauling in all those boxes from the garage.

    I’ll be doing my yurt thing again this year, but I’ll return home on the 25th. I enjoy the color of Christmas decorations.

  5. I have a variety of filters but haven’t tried using any of them yet. I’m still on ‘automatic’ focus. Isn’t that horrible? I’ll venture a little further out on the photography limb over time.

  6. That’s a great shot of the sunrise through the trees. I had a few items purchased ahead of time as I found them, but just now getting serious about it. Our daughter wished to go, and take the kids, to see her grandfather. He’s spending this Christmas in a nursing home, his wife passed in August. So, we’re making a family trip of it sometime this month.

  7. Beautiful captures, Renee!!! We’re a little slow getting going this year, but heck … it’s just around the corner! Tree went up last weekend, but we’re minimizing around-the-house decorations this year.

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