Wildlife…and Gretel

We are blessed with wildlife in North Carolina and Virginia.  I recently captured a few deer in the yard through the window.

Deer two closeup

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more”
―   George Gordon Byron 

Deer staring at me

Deer pawing ground

If you’ll look at her front leg, you’ll see her pawing at the ground.  She’s seen me too.

Deer eating grass

This one is unconcerned by it all.  However, there is another who has spotted them.

Gretel!  Deer with gretel in window

She took a barking fit about then, so they ventured back into the woods.  But aren’t they cute!

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  1. I will NEVER understand how anyone can take the life of such beautiful creatures!

    1. It is nice here, a bit off the road and secluded. I suppose that is why they abound so freely. And we don’t allow hunting around our house. With the horses on the other side of us, I guess the deer just feel safe.

  2. Great pictures! We’ve learned that you either get pictures of them through the windows or not at all. There’s no hunting in our area either; I’m glad they have a safe spot.

  3. I live in Virginia and the deer are coming in close to my house this winter, searching for food.
    For whatever reason, no acorns fell from the oak trees around here this year. So the white-tailed deer and squirrels are even eating bird seed. I hope they can make it through the winter.

    1. Hi Mary. Thanks for stopping by. Our acorn supply was nearly nil this year too. My husband thinks it may be due to the constant plague of rain we had all spring and mostly summer. Last year the deer in North Carolina had a disease called ‘black tongue’ and a lot of them died off. It was sad. I’d hate to lose more to starvation, but if I need to put out some food for them, I will. I just love watching them.

  4. They’re different from our deer, the shape of their ears, and a bit different through the trunk. Do they call the body part a trunk in a deer?

    1. I don’t think so, but I see no reason why you can’t call it anything you wish. The deer in Bland are different too. They have much bigger bodies and longer noses. Isn’t it odd how they can adapt to their environments and evolve differently?

    1. She can’t stand anything in the yard and would have chased them off had I let her. Gotta love our protective GS’s. Of course the older one couldn’t care less as long as they don’t bother her food.

      1. When the German visit, Molly doesn’t understand the devotion as sentry…she runs to look when alerted by the German, but sometimes looks puzzled and then wanders off…The German objects to anyone being outside their houses or any car being on the block. Totally different natures….party girl vs serious. Together they make a pretty nice pack.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love watching deer. Every now and then (well quite often actually) they venture into parts of Boise. But not near where I live, unfortunately.

  6. Deer have such sweet faces. The muted colors in these photos are gorgeous. Gretel must LOVE all the scents! Our vet once told us that the constant sniffing and nose twitching is a dog’s version of sightseeing!

    1. Her nose twitches constantly, so she must be having a fun ‘sightseeing’ journey. And I forever amazed at what she can pick up from inside the house – a fox, other dogs, etc.

  7. The deer look so innocent and trusting. You are fortunate Renee to have such lovely natural surroundings. Thanks for sharing.

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