Go Away Winter!

We’re being jerked around…by Mother Nature.

A couple of weeks ago we had around eighteen inches of snow.

snow covered cypress 2014

snow covered deck and chairs

snow covered front yard

Then the temperatures shot skyward; fifties, sixties, even seventies. Yay! We were all so happy, especially the wildlife. A few deer came out into the front yard and nibbled at whatever they could find from the evergreens to patches of grass.

“Under the giving snow, blossoms a daring spring.” – Terri Guillemets

deer eating cypress tree 2014

deer fuzzy and ruffled 2014

deer nibbling grass 2014

deer sneaking a peek

My knee was improving and I was able to go outside and walk around the yard. I saw them then. The most welcomed sight as if God had sent me a ‘get well bouquet’ of crocuses.

“First a howling blizzard woke us,
Then the rain came down to soak us,
And now before the eye can focus —
~Lilja Rogers

crocus later afternoon 2014

Yesterday it began to chill again, by noon it was freezing and soon we were being pelted by sleet and snow. My poor crocuses. I checked on them as soon as I got home from work. They were there, closed up against the cold and the blanket of snow.

crocus snow covered

March can be like that; unpredictable, cranky, tempestuous. I expect foul weather from November through February, but once I turn the calendar to March, anticipation takes over. I am no longer content to wear heavy layers of clothing and big boots.

Sunshine, blue skies, a few spring blossoms – is that too much to ask from March? Go away winter; I’m ready for spring.

Are you getting spring fever too? Have you been affected by the severe storms? Is Mother Nature having a temper tantrum in your backyard? What’s going on where you live?

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  1. We had a spring tease on Sunday: 72 degrees and gorgeous. The next day, we had sleet for a few hours, followed by about 2 inches of snow. Last night, it was 22. Yep, we’re in Virginia! I don’t have crocus (yours are beautiful!), but my jonquils are just about to bloom!

  2. I don’t know how you Easterners are dealing with this long winter. It is like something out of Little House on the Prairie. I almost feel guilty that my roses are about to have their first flush of blooms. You all hang in there. Spring WILL come before you know it.

  3. As I write this, husband has gone out to look for firewood without driving out to the country. Temperatures are below freezing and D2 and SIL had an ice day in Dallas. And we’re flying out to VA this Friday? It’s spring break for goodness sakes.

  4. spring blossoms are indeed too much to ask this early in the season up in Minnesota. On the other hand I really love the photos from further south as it give me hope that spring will make it here eventually. I really don’t want snow in May.

  5. We’ve been having a horrendous drought in California. We’ve had some spotty storms this month, praying for more. We’re cheering every little cloud we see.

    1. Yes, I’ve been hearing about the droughts and the water shortages threatening the vineyards. I guess you’d welcome moisture in any form. I’ll try to send some your way.

      1. It’s not just vineyards, we’re an important source of America’s food supply. Some things are crops that can be replanted in later years, but there are fruit and nut orange orchards that will not receive water in the summer and the trees may die. We don’t have summer rain, so they are dependent on irrigation from water that comes from the stored flows from the winter snow pack in the mountains.

  6. Everyone is tired of the cold temp in NYC. Normally it’s in the 40s. We’ll never get used to the teens and single digits like it has been. Thank God the snow the weather people were predicting in orgiastic hope never came. They get off on scaring us; I don’t bother to listen… if my friends warn me of impending snow, I laugh. This time it was a laugh on the weather folks. But enough already. Winter is sooo over. It began in November and is still on???? WTF?

  7. Beautiful photos, Renee! Since I’m in your backyard, I’ve experienced the same weather rollercoaster. March is always temperamental, I never know what to wear. 🙂
    I was loving the 70 degree days that snuck in last weekend. From what I hear, this weekend might be the same. Enjoy!
    I’m so happy to hear your knee is feeling better, Renee.

    1. Thanks Jill. It is improving. Yes, you are getting the same weather patterns. It’s horrid. The fluctuations have been so drastic it’s just shocking. Let’s keep fingers crossed for a nice weekend.

  8. The photos are stunning, Renee! I’m glad your knee is better. (I had a hand fracture last July and I’m still having pain and stiffness! Old age!) We’ve had a very mild winter and almost no rain at all until last week. The word “drought” keeps coming up, but hopefully, we will still get some April showers! If it ain’t one thing, it’s another, Darlin’!

    1. Well that’s it in a nutshell. *Giggles* It is one problem after another these days. I’ve decided I’m getting them all of the way so the rest of the year can be wonderful!

    1. Some winters here aren’t bad. We get one or two snow events, maybe an icing, and then we’re done. But this year has brought brutal cold, I’m talking well below freezing for days on end, snow, then a few days of warm and sunny, then another hit of snow. It is tough to get acclimated.

  9. Yes, winter paid us another visit Monday, after 70s on Sunday. Hopefully it just stopped by to say GOODBYE once and for all!

  10. Out here in the west, we watch like starving leopards, as snow piles up in the East–nice cold, fluffy snow! Perfect for steep and deep powder runs. And there you all are, with no place to put it and no decent use for it. We want it! March & April are the most fickle months. Even here, warm spring days bring flowers forth, and send flocks of impatient gardeners to the home improvement stores. But inevitably, just when the eager beavers get their gardens set, we will finally get our week of winter.

    1. That’s it – you’ve nailed the problem. We’ve got nowhere to put it. And out west with your tall mountains and need for moisture, you’d be delighted to have it. If I could just wrap it up and stick it in the mail…

  11. Beautiful pictures and interesting to read about persisting freezing weather. Mother nature is kind and in my part of the world it’s mostly sunny days. 🙂

  12. You are so lucky that you had that little warm break from the cold. We have had no break it seems. I don’t believe we have been above 0 since November. There is no way I will thaw out before August. Those lovely purple flowers give me hope. Thank you.

  13. It is an upside down world!
    Our California ski resorts were woefully short on snow this year, and near drought conditions mean impending water-rationing. Why does it always seems to work out that when we have wildfires raging – some other part of the country is flooding. Mother Nature needs to get her act together!

  14. Hello lady! Long time no hear I know! Good news is I have had more surgeries and these finally took so I am back to writing. 🙂 AND reading as long as I am practical about it the doctor says. lol Anyway, I often say March is like a PMS ing woman. Nough said.. This is Mel.ynda by the way.

  15. I hope the snowy season is passed and warmer weather will take hold. That’s a shame about the crocus getting snowed under. I hope your knee is gets better soon. It’s inspiring and refreshing to take walks. Your deer is so enchanting. 🙂

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