Let me Take a Selfie!!

I’m not a fan of the selfie. Lately they’ve been all the rage. There’s even a song dedicated to it.

But I’ve had a few moments when I couldn’t resist. Usually they involve more than just myself – friends, a place, a moment in time. So in celebration of the Selfie here is one of my favorites.


And here’s the link to The Chainsmokers version of “Let me Take a Selfie“! Enjoy and share your favorite selfie moment.



  1. Lately, I’ve been taking lots of selfies to record the progress of my facial surgery. I don’t know how anybody gets a good one. I always seem to be looking towards the button, which shows my eyes looking very much like Igor in Young Frankenstein. And because I can’t resist ….

  2. Remind me to let you take a selfie of the two of us should I ever make it to your neck of the woods: Beauty and the Bitch.

    A couple of friends sent me selfies pointing the camera at the mirror. In one case it was a hoot – because his face was a flash. Invisible. Inscrutable. My son – who is rather professional at photography with equipment to die for – grabbed me a couple of years ago, stood me in front of the bathroom mirror, with him behind me and clicked. Him being his ever gorgeous, his mother looking shite (having just emerged from a feverish deathbed). He didn’t see me (or the photo) that way. Proves “the eye of the beholder”.


    1. I think we’d make a great pair of ‘blondes’ in a selfie. I can find a lot of things I’m not satisfied with about the way I look in this shot, but the joy and the place, and my friend Paula – we go all the way back to about age 14 – and my absolute adoration of Venice, all make this one of my favorite pictures.

  3. I have never taken a selfie before and judging how I avoid cameras in general, I probably won’t any time soon! LOL Yours turned out just fine though. It is probably the photography experience showing through. 🙂

    1. It’s the number of tries. LOL. I’m sure you’d look terrific but sometimes I wonder what people are snapping pictures of themselves for. If it’s a fabulous location, or the people around you mean something, then it doesn’t matter how you think you look. You’ll love the picture because of the moment in time.

  4. The only selfies I take are to show my Bff a new accessory I’ve made. My selfies are usually blurred and have an old woman in them. No matter how hard I try, there she is standing where I’m s’posed to be, lol The quality would be too bad for me to post, even if I wanted too. No, I take that back, I remember I took a selfie of me in my new gardening hat that turned out ok. But nothing to brag about. lol, I may post it sometime.
    I think your selfie is full of happiness and looks like a moment to remember. You did a dandy of a job taking it. 🙂

    1. There is an old woman stalking me. She shows up in the mirror, especially first thing in the morning! Yikes! LOL.

      I have to admit though, it took a dozen tries and the poor gondolier was about to get aggravated I think. But we knew it would make a nice memory!

      1. Who are these old women who are stalking us? I think it’s a shame that there aren’t ways to protect us from them. lol

        Your dozen tries paid off. You have a peach of a photo to remember the fun. 🙂

  5. I’m not good at selfies! The few I’ve done have sort of scared me when I look at them! So no posting of mine, but I like yours! ~ Sheila

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