Mothers I Admire

This is a new year for me. I am facing Mother’s Day without a mother.

My first thought was to ignore it altogether. But if you are within a thousand yards of television or any form of media, you know that is impossible.

So instead of sticking my head in the sand, I’ve looked around for a couple of mothers to admire. It wasn’t hard really. I found one on the front porch.

“What is motherhood save Nature in her most gladsome mood?” – Balzac

Bird eggs

Baby birds

Baby birds' mama

This mama works tirelessly to keep her babies fed and warm.

I found another at the pond. She had the aid of her mate, always ready to attack us, quick with a hiss. I didn’t even know geese hissed. I had heard plenty of honks, been nearly flogged, but hissing? Yep, they will do that too.

Goose mama on nest

Goose daddy 3

He normally stands guard behind her, watching in all directions. I love that about this pair of geese.

So my nod this year is toward Mother Nature and her precious wee ones who have to build their own houses and find their own food, while avoiding prey themselves.

Here’s a link which will take you to a showcase of the absolute most adorable babies and mamas in the animal kingdom. So adorable. Horses, bears, squirrels, tigers, buffalo, koalas, and more.

Do you have a special mother in nature you’ve been watching?

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  1. Oh Renee, I’m so happy you decided to write a post. I’ve been thinking about you.
    I’ve been watching a “mother” in nature, but it’s actually been the father. We recently were blessed with a new family of Cardinals. I learned that the male Cardinal is responsible for taking the juvenile out and introducing him or her to the world. Yesterday, I watched as the male Cardinal showed his son how to take a bath. It was awesome to watch!
    Blessings to you, Renee. xo

  2. Oh Renee, you got me with “My first thought was to ignore it altogether. But if you are within a thousand yards of television or any form of media, you know that is impossible.” As I read on I loved the sweet surprise of your discoveries and encounters. I read your post and then I found this quote thinking I had to share it with you. “I love to think of Nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” George Washington Carver
    I think you are “tuned in.” My thoughts and prayers are with you now.

  3. Thinking of you this weekend. Although the pain of losing your mother will always remain, the first Mother’s Day is the most difficult. ( I lost my mom 9 days before Mother’s Day, 1995.) Nature provides so many opportunities to marvel at motherhood, and yes, the geese hiss at me quite often as I attempt – in vain- to shoo them from our yard!

    1. I’m glad you’ve experienced the hissing too. I didn’t know that about geese.
      As for this Mother’s Day, it is so incredibly sad. Good to know it gets better from someone who understands.

  4. What a sweet take of yours, Renee.

    As I may have mentioned before I don’t do Mother’s Day. Every day, round the year, my son turns up in one piece is mother’s day for me.

    However, and I am in knots over it: I managed to upset my mother yesterday (Saturday) on the eve of mother’s day. It’s awful. She read me my brother’s Mother’s Day card and I said “mmm” followed by silence. My mother is naive, but not stupid. I am honoured to be privy to other people’s secrets. But some go on for too long. You don’t deceive people. Yes, knots. Wish I’d kept my mouth shut. Not that I opened it wide. Just wide enough to cast doubt in her mind. I’ll probably kick myself for it till the end of time. On the other hand, I may have eased the “passage” for my brother once he comes clean about what REALLY is happening. Our mother being forewarned as it were.

    Anyway. You yourself are a mother and I hope you and your son will enjoy this second Sunday in May.


    1. Thanks Ursula. It can be difficult to hold family secrets. Being from southern America, it seems we hold them in until we burst at the seams, spewing them out at the most inopportune moments. Some manage to die with us, or at least we think they do. More likely, everyone has known about them all along.

      I hope you enjoy the day too, even if it isn’t particularly celebratory.

  5. Renee, I know how you feel. It was hard for me too, at first, and I just wrote a post about it which will go live tomorrow. For me it’s been 20 years since my mother passed away. I try to focus this holiday on my kids, but I always remember my mother. It’s a special connection, the relationship between mother and daughter. I love your pictures and how you turned this holiday into something positive.

    1. I can’t wait to read your post. We now belong to this club of women without their mothers. So far, I’m not too crazy about it, though I’m trying to find some positivity.

  6. I have become fascinated with wee Polar Bears and their Moms. I have watched countless videos and stared at endless photos. It seems I’ve become addicted to them.
    My own Mother has been gone for some time and unfortunately I was never blessed with children of my own. I confess that Mother’s Day is difficult for me but, as you pointed out, it is impossible to avoid. I think celebrating Mother Nature is a wonderful idea. Thank you for that.

  7. What a wonderful way to honor your own mom…by noticing all the unsung mom’s of the world. I would be watching the urban Peregrin Falcon cam, if I were home, but from the road, I’ve lost track. I learned that the eggs just hatched.

    1. Peregrin Falcon, huh? Nice. The goose has hatched her goslings, but I hate to disturb them. They panic so when people come around. We just admire from a distance and leave them alone.

      1. When I get home, I’ll try to remember to send you a link to our falcon cam. It can really be fun to have a bird’s eye view of the nursery.

  8. The “firsts” are always the hardest, your mother would be proud of how you remembered her in a positive way. We have a momma Robin nesting in our tree in front of our house a positive way to remember our mothers and actually Tom – we both enjoyed bird watching and he always enjoyed watching the birds in our trees. Mothe Day blessings to you – may your memories today of your mother fill your heart with joy and comfort.

  9. Hey Renee,
    I’m sorry I’m late on visiting your post. I didn’t see it in the ‘Blogs I follow’ feed page. 😦
    Sending hugs to you on your first Mother’s Day without your Mom. Bless your heart. (((hugs)))
    Mother’s day feel empty but I remember all the wonderful times we spent together and then it doesn’t hurt so much. I know your Mom is sending loving smiles to you.
    I like your tribute to the Mother’s in Nature. I’m like you, they’re truly admirable Mother’s. So protective and attentive to their sweet babies.
    Take care and have a pleasant week.

  10. Missing words alert: that was supposed to say:

    “Mother’s day feels empty without my Mom, but when I remember all the wonderful times we spent together it doesn’t hurt as much.”

    I don’t know what happened to make my words disappear. Sorry about that.

    1. Glitches — yikes. It happens to me all the time. Thanks for thinking about me and reminding me that at least I had one to celebrate with for many years. I’m sure there are those who didn’t have this.

  11. Wonderfully written post! It had to be a difficult post to write–and yet you were able to turn a difficult day into a beautiful post.

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