This is a new year for me. I am facing Mother’s Day without a mother.

My first thought was to ignore it altogether. But if you are within a thousand yards of television or any form of media, you know that is impossible.

So instead of sticking my head in the sand, I’ve looked around for a couple of mothers to admire. It wasn’t hard really. I found one on the front porch.

“What is motherhood save Nature in her most gladsome mood?” – Balzac

Bird eggs

Baby birds

Baby birds' mama

This mama works tirelessly to keep her babies fed and warm.

I found another at the pond. She had the aid of her mate, always ready to attack us, quick with a hiss. I didn’t even know geese hissed. I had heard plenty of honks, been nearly flogged, but hissing? Yep, they will do that too.

Goose mama on nest

Goose daddy 3

He normally stands guard behind her, watching in all directions. I love that about this pair of geese.

So my nod this year is toward Mother Nature and her precious wee ones who have to build their own houses and find their own food, while avoiding prey themselves.

Here’s a link which will take you to a showcase of the absolute most adorable babies and mamas in the animal kingdom. So adorable. Horses, bears, squirrels, tigers, buffalo, koalas, and more.

Do you have a special mother in nature you’ve been watching?