I don’t know about you, but I get hundreds of emails. And a lot of them just need to be deleted. I don’t even know how I ended up on their subscribers list.

And they clog up my inbox, even though it is a virtual space on a computer and/or telephone screen.

Most of the time I just go down the list and check their boxes before hitting the delete button. But why? Day after day I go through this.

So my spring cleaning chore is to clean up my computer.

It only takes a few seconds to go to the sites and unsubscribe. And it makes it so much easier to find the ‘real’ emails you want and need. For those who don’t know how to achieve this, the place for unsubscribing is normally at the bottom of the email and you can click on it. Another window will usually pop up asking if you’re sure, or why you have to leave them. And if you click on whatever the appropriate answer it, it will usually confirm your new unsubscribed status.

You can do this with facebook too. Do you have a lot of friends playing games? Are they continuously begging for farm animals and jewels. That’s great if you play too. But if you don’t, go to your settings and hit the button for no game notifications.

So long, Barilla and Gilt, we are breaking up. Farewell, Living Social Deals, I can’t possibly keep up with them all. Au revoir to all of the advertising sites sending out mass emails. I’m sweeping out the cobwebs and making room for the guests I really want to spend time with.

Are you spring cleaning? Does this include your cyber space?