Vegetable & Herb Garden 2011

Some of you who read my posts on a regular basis have asked what became of the plants that I started indoors back in the winter. Well I am happy to dedicate this blog to exactly that.

My husband built a small frame, about 8 x 12 and cross hatched the interior third. He dug out enough ground to allow the frame to sit level and then filled it with some great garden soil.

Within this small space, I under planted larger things, such as zucchini, with lettuce. I have basil with the tomatoes and cucumbers threading through the bell peppers. Onions have their own little section but could be over planted once the sets were in. And in the center I have one very happy rosemary bush, along with thyme, oregano, chives, parsley, and pineapple sage. I planted sage in my flower bed last summer and it is enormous this year, having over-wintered quite nicely.

This way of growing vegetables and herbs is perfect if you, like me, only want enough vegetables to feed your family right now. I am not interested in canning or freezing. I just want some fresh summer vegetables.

Is there anything better than a ripe tomato picked right off the vine? I think not.

And if I get too ambitious, plant a large garden, it becomes overwhelming. I just don’t have the time or the inclination to plow an acre of land and spend the rest of the summer hoeing, weeding, watering, feeding, harvesting, preserving and then cooking it.

Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

I have tried container gardening and it just didn’t work well for me, but if you have no other alternative, give it a go for yourself.

And for the things I don’t have growing in the back yard, there’s a nice man with a stand of fruits and vegetables that I pass almost every day. He appreciates my business and probably depends on it. He’ll get me the freshest corn, melons, peaches, potatoes and green beans. And if he doesn’t have what I’m looking for, he’ll tell me when he plans on getting it.

Now that’s my kind of gardening!

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  1. Those are beautiful frames your husband me. And is that sage in your second photograph. I love the colour! It’s a bit paler than the sage I am used to seeing.

    1. Thanks Banbamama! I’ll pass your compliment along to my husband. t thought he did a good job too. I think the sage may be a little pale because it is in the shade. But the leaves are huge and the taste is fantastic. It never went dormant; I had some fresh sage all winter, which was great for pork dishes and holiday stuffings.

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