V is for View

V is for views – all kinds – all places.

From the Missouri River Valley to the Badlands of South Dakota, the top of the Rockies, to Paris, France, and the mists over the mountains of Jefferson National Forest in Bland, Virginia to Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wherever you are right now, look around you. What do you see from your vantage point?

Is there a beach near you – a vineyard – a mountain – a volcano – a forest – a lake – a river – a skyline of fabulous architecture? Or maybe your view is of a log cabin, a simple cottage, a community store, a field of wild horses or wildflowers.

Some of you celebrate the fantastic old barns or spectacular ‘barn mansions’ that you live near. Others of you post pictures of the beautiful birds who stop by for a visit, or the animals that you see on a daily basis.

Whatever you are blessed to have as your ‘view’ today – even if it is the fireplace in your den – spend a few moments thinking about its significance in your life.

I’ve included a variety of my favorite views.


View of the Missouri River

View of the Missouri River

View from a rock formation in the Badlands

View from a rock formation in the Badlands

View of Auckland, New Zealand from Mt. Eden

View of Auckland, New Zealand from Mt. Eden

View from Beartooth Loop, Montana/Wyoming

View from Beartooth Loop, Montana/Wyoming

View disrupted by fog in Bland, VA

View disrupted by fog in Bland, VA

Fog and Mist over Bland, VA

Fog and Mist over Bland, VA

Gargoyle enjoying view of Paris, France

Gargoyle enjoying view of Paris, France

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  1. View for V is perfect. A view is what we need, not least to the future; our viewpoints to be put forward and those of others to be considered.

    The desk in my study runs along a window, second floor. Every time I look up, or rather down, I see wildlife: Humans, a few dogs, the odd cat on a roof top, taxis and birds.The gargoyles staring at me from the building opposite not quite as impressive (or benign) as your Parisian one.


    PS I feel for you: Slowly inching your way to XYZ

  2. The above comment is true….XYZ should be challenging. But you can do it!
    Loved today’s post. Our county charges higher real estate taxes on “spectacular view” – yep, those sunrises and sunsets. But I think that could be argued: a cow pasture could be considered a spectacular view. Loved all your photos, but the ones of the fog in Bland brought the smile.
    Meanwhile, back to my sunrise.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. As i lose more eyesight every day I have a new appreciation for any view I can get. The sunsrise and sunset mean more. The looks on my childrens faces or the pleasure they find in day to day living are breath taking. I think most people take the “view” for granted. I hope everyone stops for a minute as you suggested, and enjoys their view. Tomorrow they might not be able to. 🙂

  4. Whenever we go to the country, I love to catch the view of the Brazos River to check the water level. When I get up in the morning I like to glimpse out the second story window on our landing to view our island garden below. When I drive home from the college, I look through the windshield to see how much of the Houston cityscape I can see that day. I like this V post.

  5. Great photos of some really lovely views! I like looking out at my garden. I can see the plum tree, the purple flower tree, both lemon trees, the orange tree, and the avocado tree from the kitchen window. Out my front window I see the Japanese Maple and the huge old oak tree. Very calming views!

  6. Wow! I’m impressed. You are a well-traveled idividual. I admire the many places you’ve visited. You must have some great memories. Your V for viewing post is wonderful. 🙂

  7. Skies. Day skies, night skies, clear skies, cloudy skies, skies dripping with rain or casting down snow, starry skies, sunrises and sunsets.

  8. Renee, I love your perspective for view. Sometimes we lead such hurried lives, we forget to take the time to enjoy the view. I’m grateful that these past few years have taught me that there’s more to life than remaining in the rat race. I don’t just want to look, I want to see. I want to observe and see what the view has to offer. I love the views featured in your images! The one of the gargoyle is amazing! Ah, how I would love to trade places with him now! 🙂

  9. You’ve seen some wonderful sights. Thanks for sharing. Today I saw opposites, from my green backyard with wildlife, to the brick and mortar, pavement replacing trees in a fairly new shopping center.

  10. Hey, you have the best ideas for your A-Z posts! I love views! You’ve been fortunate to have some wonderful ones! We were able to visit New Zealand a few years ago…wonderful, I hope to go there again some day and see a lot more! Thank you for sharing! ~ Sheila

  11. Amazing photos. I love the Badlands and would love to see Montana. The gargoyle is FAB. If I stand right at the back of my garden and look over the fence I can see the Anzac Bridge and behind that the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s quite a cool view!

  12. Hi,
    Very nice photos, and so many different views, perfect for “V”. I especially like your photo of Paris with the gargoyle, just breathtaking. 🙂

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