Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.  It is such a fun holiday that requires so little and gives back so much.  The only gifts to purchase being fun-sized candy and colorful pencils.  Halloweens of years past include haunted hayrides, bonfires, haunted houses, roasting marshmallows, costume parties, apple bobbing and the school fall festival.

Now, if I miss the local fair, I’ve pretty much missed any association with the event.  My son is much too old to participate in the frivolities of childhood, although he and his girlfriend did visit a haunted hayride.

And we used to go to Tweetsie to the haunted train ride through the mountain passes.  That was always enjoyable.  Now, I just focus on my surroundings.

Decorating is pumped up with harvest items; pumpkins, dried corn stalks, hay bales, colored leaves, gourds, scarecrows, and witches on broomsticks.  It feels bountiful and rich, deep colors accentuating the soft glow of the waning light.  I can’t resist throwing a few items around the house to remind me of the season.

Once upon a time – say a very few days ago – this pumpkin had the most glorious stalk.  I wish I had photographed it then.  Her highness – Gretel – decided to play with it and carried it off by afore mentioned stalk.  I suppose it made a great handle for a little while.  We followed the shreds to the forest, where her teeth slid through the stalk time and again as the weight of the pumpkin pulled it downward.  Oh well, at least she had a little fun with it.

She hasn’t pulled the wreath from the door.

And the mantle is safe from her and vice versa.

The maple outside is still dressed up in colorful costume.

All I need is a few trick-or-treaters and some popcorn as I settle in for the season’s best scary movies.  My favorites are Rosemary’s Baby, Dracula, Hocus Pocus, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Raven.  Of course, the Charlie Brown Halloween special is always a hit.

Have you seen a really great scary movie lately and if so, please share.  I’m always looking for one that isn’t too bloody but has the right blend of fancy and fright.

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  1. Renee, my kids are grown, too. I used to get very excited about this holiday, and still enjoy it, but mostly for the nostalgia. I recently put up my Halloween decorations, but not as many as I used to as it’s too much trouble. I’m anticipating I’ll get excited about it again when I’m blessed with grand kids someday. In the meantime, gotta love the candy!

  2. Renee, I love all your decorations – that wreath is gorgeous!!
    No scary movies for me, thank you very much, but who can resist Charlie Brown??
    And Motor Man and I did a haunted hayride last week; I didn’t post about it because it was dark, and I didn’t get pics!
    Happy Halloween!!

    1. I love that you and Motor Man took a haunted hayride! How fun was that! Hope you’re managing through the frankenstorm ok. Ole Sandy is pulling a prank on the east coast.

  3. I’m with Dianna about no scary movies. Kids don’t come around trick-or-treating since the downtown merchants have a downtown trick-or-treat. Apparently, kids are driven here from faraway places, though it seems a horrendous trade off with the price of gas. My husband always answered the door, but since he’s gone, I’m just as happy the kids go elsewhere now. (Or maybe I should go downtown and take some pictures, if I can get parking.)

    1. Ah, I bet that is fun. We don’t have very many and because we live off the road, it’s usually just the people we know. But that can be fun too. We bring them in and take pictures, drink cider. Happy Halloween.

  4. It looks very festive at your place. I get to enjoy the fun with grandchildren now :-). Happy Halloween Renee!

  5. Renee, I remember when I started blogging one year back I had no idea about Halloween. And thanks to your kindness you explained it to me. It’s a wonderful that I have learned so much about your culture and few trends of your part of world. I wish you have a great time during this festive season of the your.
    And I am scared of watching scary movies. So I can’t help you with that one. 🙂
    Happy Halloween. I am waiting to see what are you going to create with that pumpkin and a candle inside it. 🙂

    1. Isn’t blogging the best thing in the world for learning about each other and the culture and customs in foreign places. I have learned so much from you and am happy to know that you have from me as well. Happy Halloween Arindam.

  6. Your fall decor is beautiful! Love the wreath. The only scary movies we’ve been watching have been reruns. I actually prefer the reruns because I know what’s going to happen! 🙂

  7. Love your autumn look! I love Halloween too, and always got excited for my kids to trick or treat. I feel a little bereft without kids at home…not as fun to hand out candy without the costumes and pumpkin carving to go along with it. I buy pumpkins for the look of it, but I don’t carve them these days.
    No scary movies for me! I was traumatized by a Dracula movie as a kid…don’t watch any of that genre:) ~ Sheila

    1. Oh no, Sheila. Traumatized by Dracula – I sense a post about that. I know we are anxious to know more. I think I traumatized my son with Jurassic Park. I thought it was a kid’s movie. Yikes.

      1. Well, kids were in that movie…maybe that’s not the same thing though?! Happy Halloween, and may you have many trick-or-treaters at your door! ~ Sheila

  8. Spending time on Cape Ann. I never knew that Salem, Mass really takes to Halloween like a bee to sugar. OMG. They begin celebrating the season of fright in late September and the events really start hopping Columbus Day weekend. Yesterday hundreds crowded the streets dressed in costume. Today there were thousands and at night it gets really crazy…with partying. Witch costumes are big…this is Salem after all, home of the witch trials in the 1690s. NYC has a parade which is phenomenal…one day. Salem is the capital of Halloween, one month celebration. Who knew????!!!!

  9. I love the decorations. Nice job. I used to dress up and hand out the candy. He-Who and I really enjoyed it. The little ones were always adorable. My first Halloween here I stalked up on all the usual supplies and was ready for the hoards of kids making their way to our door. NOT ONE kid showed up. Not one. It was the saddest Halloween I have ever had.

  10. Love your smiling pumpkin, door arrangement and the leaves on the mantle! Usually I make those spooky plastic gloves filled with popcorn and candy tied up with black and orange curly ribbon, but this year has been just too busy. I will simply dump bags of candy in the big stainless steel bowl and eagerly greet those trick or treaters–big and small–will probably turn the porch light off at 10:00. Have a great week!

    1. I don’t the little ones care how the treats arrive, as long as there is plenty of them. Have fun Georgette. I may adopt your plastic gloves idea next year.

  11. Your decorations are warm and inviting 🙂 We used to decorate a lot more b/c the boys loved it .. but now that they’re grown the decorations are simple and child-friendly so as to encourage the little ghosts & goblins to come up our walkway!

    I am a fraidy-cat and don’t watch scary movies. Still freaked out by the scary ones I saw as a teen like “When a Stranger Calls” or “Carrie.” **Shudder**

    Happy Halloween!

  12. Your Maple tree, and wreath are beautiful.
    I also don’t/can’t watch scary movies.

    Your dog is so smart. It’s not easy to drag a huge pumpkin…

  13. Renee, I love, love Halloween! This post reminded me of the homemade costumes I used to make for my children, the decorations that were a traditional part of this holiday, and going door to door with the rugrats! Oh, how I miss those days! Now I only have Roxy to dress up! I’ll be posting a photo of her in her little costume on October 31! Stay tuned! 🙂

  14. mmm, Gretel sounds like a fun little ball of fur like our Sheli is. lol It’s so amusing in what captures puppies attention and becomes game.
    Your house is lovely and looks very welcoming for the little candy hungry ghoulies to come knock-knock-knocking at your door. 🙂

    1. Thanks. We try to make it fun and not too scary. Little ones can get spooked at the slightest things. Although, we once had a fountain near the front porch and while the parent of one of the kids and I talked, one slipped away and jumped into the fountain, splashing, playing, and having to be taken back home for dry clothes. Oops.

      1. Regarding the election, the thing that scares more a lot is the thought of it going to the courts. If so, I wonder how many people will become discouraged.

      2. I heard a take on the possibility of it happening just yesterday. They say the race – even with the electorate – is so close, that a tie could occur. Yikes!

      3. I started think about it last week when I heard a report about the parties raising money for challenges/defenses through the courts.

  15. The way you celebrate Halloween is so different to how it is in Australia. Here it’s a fairly new phenomenon but it does seem to be getting bigger each year. Yesterday I saw houses that had been decorated and there were pumpkins about and so many children dressed in costumes all out trick or treating xx

    1. It seems to actually be winding down a bit here. There is more emphasis on going to parties or ‘safe’ trick or treating zones sponsored by merchants or the county. Not at all like it was when I was a kid. Sad.

  16. Daniel would LOVE Halloween at your place, Renee. Even that photo would get him going 🙂 I’ve never done enough for his liking, at Halloween.

    I didn’t know it is actually a holiday for you guys, though – lucky! Anyway, in Australia we get next Tuesday off for a horse race!!

    1. We don’t get a day off for Halloween, but we do celebrate it as a holiday. People decorate more heavily for Halloween around here than they do at Christmas. I suppose it has to do with staying traditional for the Christmas season and letting the old freak flag fly for the Halloween season. Oh well…

  17. (trying to catch up reading)
    I love Halloween decorations – but there just aren’t many little kids around, so much less get put up now. Probably good since Molly has decided EVERYTHING is to be eaten…RC is quite miffed as she always loves celebrations and new things to examine.
    Your Autumn decorations – especially the mantel – are lovely. (she says wistfully)

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